CCP Technologies’ smart IoT sensors expand into several industries

CCP Technologies ASX CT1 IoT temperature monitoring
CCP Technologies' temperature monitoring solution is suitable to a range of industries including medical, food, aged care, hospitality and biological research.

Internet of Things (IoT) solutions company CCP Technologies (ASX: CT1) has published an operations update indicating a growing a number of applications within different industries for its revolutionary tracking technology.

CCP currently manufacturers smart sensors that are placed in temperature-controlled environments which push data to a cloud-based software platform.

Relevant data is then collated and sorted to provide a real-time dashboard for users to monitor various produce or other temperature-sensitive items for the purpose of compliance, consumer safety, energy efficiency and reduction of waste.

The company is providing its temperature monitoring solution to six hospitals across Sydney and Melbourne.

Originally designed specifically for the food industry, CCP’s sensors are also being utilised in healthcare with three new hospitals implementing its IoT solutions in order to monitor highly valued temperature-sensitive medications.

Continuous monitoring ensures a complete auditable history is always available, in addition to immediate notifications sent directly to personnel that can intervene to prevent serious issues or spoilage.

One of the primary benefits to using CCP sensors is safekeeping of critical substances such as blood, vaccines and sensitive pharmaceuticals – with the subsequent advantages being the protection of patients, informed medical staff and reduced insurance claims.

Biological research

Closely related to the healthcare industry is biological research.

CCP said that Monash University continues to rollout its temperature monitoring solution including a new extreme temperature monitoring solution for the storage of high-value research biological specimens. Currently, the technology is being “thoroughly tested and validated” at several storage facilities used by Monash.

Much like with hospitals, CCP’s sensors and accompanying software platform are expected to reduce the number of compromised specimens, mitigate insurance risk and improve research project outcomes.

Aged care

Another surprise sector that is implementing CCP’s sensors is aged care.

CCP says it has secured a total of 14 aged care facilities as customers which comes at an opportune time given the ongoing Royal Commission into the sector.

In relation to this particular sector, the IoT development company claims that its technology is improving food and beverage safety, compliance processes, as well as the broader quality of life for residents.

CCP’s growing client base in the industry includes Homestyle, Luson and several other institutions that take care of elderly residents.

Furthermore, CCP is also used by several Meals-on-Wheels providers in Victoria and New South Wales that provide food services to high-care needs people living at home.

“The expanding number of facilities is anticipated to position CCP well for broader industry adoption as the sector trends toward general adoption of best practice in food safety and quality,” the company said.

Stability in gambling

In an entirely different sector to health, aged care and biological research, CCP has also made inroads into the gambling industry.

CCP has sold its temperature monitoring technology to a new state-of-the-art casino in the US.

Wynn Resorts, owned by Encore Boston Harbour, adopted the technology as part of its new multi-billion-dollar facility that opened its doors in June this year.

The casino is considered a “signature site” for Wynn Resorts, showcasing a raft of new technology in order to improve the facility’s quality and impact on visitors.

“As community expectations increase for product safety and quality combined with the constant need for more productive and efficient business processes CCP’s solution suite is well-positioned to be a provider of choice in a global marketplace,” the company said.

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