Buddy Technologies leverages Black Friday to launch pre-sales for LIFX Switch

Buddy Technologies LIFX Switch ASX BUD
Buddy Technologies has launched consumer pre-sales for its in-wall 4 button LIFX Switch.

Internet of Things (IoT) company Buddy Technologies (ASX: BUD) has kicked off a consumer pre-sales launch of its LIFX Switch product – a smart in-wall light switch that connects to the internet via Wi-Fi and can be configured and controlled via digital devices.

The in-wall 4 button LIFX Switch will launch at a recommended retail price of $179.95 but will be discounted during the initial pre-sale phase to $149.95 as part of the Black Friday consumer frenzy that has become commonplace globally during this time of year.

Buddy will also use the Black Friday consumer extravaganza to exclusively partner with Swedish smart button manufacturer, Shortcut Labs, to offer LIFX lights and Flic 2 button bundles.

Flic smart buttons are battery-powered, weather-resistant indoor/outdoor smart buttons that can be used to control a wide range of connected devices including LIFX smart lights.

Shortcut Labs has sold around 400,000 units of its product and hopes that by bundling it with Buddy’s LIFX smart lights will create a tempting offering for users, especially around the boosted retail shopping period at the end of November.

Buddy and Shortcut Labs have said they will run their exclusive deal until Cyber Monday (2 December 2019), yet another cult classic consumer euphemism describing a marketing bonanza typically occurring on the Monday after the Thanksgiving holiday in the US.

LIFX acquisition and going to market

Buddy acquired LIFX in February this year as part of a bid to establish itself in the rapidly growing intelligent lighting market that is set to become the foundation of so-called “smart spaces” – living and working areas where IoT sensors and technologies can automate and streamline the use of lights and other devices.

LIFX has been developing smart lighting since 2012 when it launched the first-ever multi-coloured LED Wi-Fi light. With the company’s proprietary technology and intellectual property in Buddy’s hands, the ASX-listed company intends to produce a range of products aimed at consumers and enterprises that improve building monitoring and convenience for users.

The IoT devices company said its newly launched LIFX Switch product can also control non-smart lights and can be integrated within a broader spectrum of domestic smart lights and appliances.

To demonstrate the connectivity of LIFX Switch and to highlight the wider adoption of smart devices within the home, Buddy said the LIFX Switch will integrate with already popular voice assistants including Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri, thereby bringing voice control to all lights in a room, not just smart lights.

LIFX Switch will also support scheduling and full integration with the IFTTT platform which provides the ability for users to customise how their lighting operates across their entire property.

Furthermore, the device features backlit buttons and haptic feedback on button presses and carries a modern look and feel to better fit new build properties.

In a statement to the market, Buddy said the first units will go to trade and commercial customers for whom sales have already commenced while consumer and direct purchase customers now have the opportunity to reserve their orders courtesy of a pre-sale period.

However, despite the pre-sale period commencing today, deliveries are expected to be made in mid-late January 2020.

“Today’s launch will enable customers to bundle their LIFX Switches with Black Friday promotions and bundles being offered on the LIFX online web store,” the company said.

Certification achievement

In addition to its LIFX Switch launch, Buddy has also revealed that LIFX has also achieved IP65 certification for its popular BR30 and BR30+ range of smart lights – a measure of water and dust resistance of a product – considered to be the highest possible level of protection for users in the retail market.

Buddy said the BR30 and BR30+ certifications mean its lighting products are guaranteed for operation down to as low as -30°C while preserving light and smart functionality. One of the key considerations and target markets for Buddy is Canada and Nordic countries where temperatures often fall significantly below zero degrees Celsius. Also, having the capacity to work at such low temperatures also means Buddy can also position its LIFX BR30 range within the outdoor lighting market.

This morning’s news helped to push Buddy Technologies shares up to $0.031 per share, up 10.7% on the day.

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