Bowen confirms high quality coking coal potential from Mammoth seam at Cooroorah

Bowen Coking Coal ASX BCB coking coal Mammoth Cooroorah Bowen Basin
Bowen Coking Coal has confirmed the high quality coking coal potential from the Mammoth seam at Cooroorah.

Bowen Coking Coal (ASX: BCB) has confirmed the potential for “high quality coking coal” from the Mammoth seam within its wholly-owned Cooroorah project in Queensland’s Bowen Basin.

According to Bowen, analysis of the Mammoth seam returned an “array of highly desirable coal qualities”, with the primary coking coal fraction ranging between 40% and 50% with a secondary PCI product yielding a further 45% to 50% for a combined laboratory yield of more than 90%.

Bowen claims this makes it the one of the Bowen Basin’s highest yielding metallurgical coals, which could potentially boost the project’s economics.

Coal trader and consultant company M Resources carried out the test work on the coal, with the company’s manager Ross Stainlay claiming the Mammoth seam results were “unique” among Australia’s current coal production.

“The primary product is a high rank, very low ash coking coal displaying low sulphur and phosphorus content,” Mr Stainlay explained.

Mr Stainlay added the sample’s high vitrinite content and favourable ash chemistry boded well for its coke strength potential.

Coal ash content

Ash content refers to the waste residue left after the coal has been burnt, with a lower ash content equating to reduced waste.

According to Bowen, high quality metallurgical coal is usually sold with an ash content below 10%.

When the Mammoth seam sample was analysed, it returned a 3.5% ash content, which the company says further demonstrates the “high quality” of its coal – noting that it “outperformed” many of the currently traded hard coking coals.

Bowen Coking Coal ASX BCB ash content compares favourably
Cooroorah coking coal quality compared to other traded coking coal.

Bowen managing director and chief executive officer Gerhard Redelinghuys said the results demonstrated the project hosts “world class” metallurgical coal with “extraordinary” properties.

“We are now planning the next exploration program to increase our confidence in the Mammoth resource area and to capitalise on this exceptional discovery,” he said.

Cooroorah coal project

Situated near Wesfarmers’ Curragh coal mine, Cooroorah is adjacent to the Jellinbah mine, which has been dubbed one of the Asia Pacific’s highest-grade PCI coking coal mines.

Jellinbah produces 5 million tonnes annually of PCI grade coking coal.

Bowen has firmed up a resource of 154Mt coking coal at Cooroorah.

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