Bod Australia sets the stage for marketing medical cannabis oil in Australia

Bod Australia ASX BDA MediCabilis medicinal cannabis oil

Cosmetics and natural medicines company Bod Australia (ASX: BDA) has added yet another string to its commercial bow, by completing its first order for medicinal cannabis oil from Swiss company Linnea Natural Pharma Solutions.

Having already obtained approval from Australian regulators in February, the completed order means Bod can now set about commercialising this additional product by adding it to its existing range of cosmetics and natural medicines.

To proceed within a fully-permitted lawful remit, Bod obtained an import permit, granted by the Office of Drug Control.

Bod also intends to put the cannabis oil through a clinical trial to remove any lingering doubts regarding the safety profile of cannabidiol (CBD) and its interaction with the human body. The upcoming phase 1 clinical trial is designed to test the safety, tolerability and pharmacokinetics of Linnea’s unique cannabis extract.

One of its intended pathways to market includes making the CBD-infused oil available under the Therapeutic Goods Administration’s (TGA) Special Access Scheme (SAS) Category B.

Looking higher

Bod Australia said that Linnea’s proprietary (ECs315) 5% cannabidiol in MCT oil is expected for delivery “in the coming weeks”.

Once received, Bod intends to bottle the oil at its facility in Australia and distribute the finished products for sale as soon as possible.

Currently, Bod envisages making 50-millilitre servings and has already presented a conceptual drawing of how it wants its finished product to look like.

Furthermore, Bod has said that will continue to liaise with the Department of Health in order to “import additional medicinal cannabis line extensions” that may involve “variations to concentrations and formulation”, thereby helping the company to become a useful cog in how physicians implement the wide array of rapidly emergent treatment options being offered by medicinal cannabis, with CBD as its currently most applicable ingredient.

This will help ensure physicians have multiple, high-quality offerings available for prescription to eligible patients.

“Access to Linnea’s high-quality extract ECs315 provides Bod with a significant advantage over other market offerings due to its unique and superior phytocomplex profile allowing for consistent and standardised reproduction,” said Jo Patterson, chief executive officer of Bod Australia.

“The company aims to work with approved prescribers of medicinal cannabis in Australia and New Zealand to educate them on the benefits and advantages of the oils. We also look forward to working with Linnea and pursuing the import of additional extracts, formulations and concentrations that may benefit patients,” added Ms Patterson.

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