Authorised Investment Fund investee company e-Mersion Media evolves its digital publishing platform

e-Mersion Media Authorised Investment Fund ASX AIY investee company digital publishing
e-Mersion Media is seeking to fully immerse its consumers by providing multi-sensory engagement features and 'always on content' under its new-look digital strategy.

Investment house Authorised Investment Fund (ASX: AIY) has welcomed a suite of good news from its newly-named investee company e-Mersion Media, which has shifted its focused towards providing an immersive digital publishing ecosystem.

Previously known as Box Digital Media to reflect the Box Magazine acquisition and name, e-Mersion Media said its business objectives and strategy had broadened from the digitisation of the magazine.

Instead, it is pivoting its focus towards the development and roll out of a complete digital publishing ecosystem, which includes a platform to digitise a range of third-party magazines.

The company said e-Mersion Media, which is derived from the joining of e-commerce and immersion, better reflected the platforms “multisensory engagement through site, sound and action.”

In line with the name change, the company has lodged an application for trademark protection in Australia.

As a pooled development fund, Authorised Investment Fund provides passive equity capital to small or medium companies, with e-Mersion Media being one of those investments. Authorised Investment Fund currently has an approximate 14% stake in the newly-named company.

Delivering ‘always on’ content

e-Mersion Media’s technology provides an immersive experience for consumers across a brand’s entire ecosystem.

With the aim of delivering ‘always on content’ in real time, e-Mersion Media is designed and built for multisensory engagement via its digital magazine portal.

The digital platform, now referred to as e-Mersion Media, works by empowering advertisers to monitor and measure the effectiveness of individual advertising, content placement and distribution.

Essentially, the platform now integrates an e-commerce tool, a social media tool and a magazine in one.

In addition to creating revenue channels for advertisers, the platform delivers immersive and tailored content from brands to enhance engagement with consumers.

With this, brands can now tap into and share existing content that was formerly distributed through limited owned web and social channels.

IP dispute resolved

In other major company news, e-Mersion Media has announced the appointment of DiUS Computing as its principal provider of software development services.

The privately-owned company is one of Australia’s leading tech services companies boasting a string of prominent clients such as Qantas, National Australia Bank and AGL.

Following a handover from its prior partner, In The Code, DiUS now has a working demonstration environment on e-Mersion Media’s own platform to ensure magazines can be created and updated for sales pitches and meetings.

The new partnership comes after the resolution of a dispute with In The Code which started in mid-2018 when it denied the company access to e-Mersion Media and ceased providing development services.

Commenting on the updates, Authorised Investment Fund chairman Ben Genser told Small Caps it was now all systems go for the market darling.

“e-Mersion Media is now market ready. They’ve got the intellectual property firmed up and they have a strong back-end computing company lined up, so the future is very positive,” he said.

Shares in Authorised Investment Fund gained 17.5% in late morning trade to $0.087.

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