Authorised Investment Fund capitalises on strong media growth in Asia

Authorised Investment Fund (ASX: AIY) has unveiled an indirect expansion of its Asian operations and set the stage for the company to experience a “profound effect” on revenues, with the news that its 25%-owned company Asian Integrated Media (AIM) has concluded the purchase of Perspective Ltd.

Perspective is a Hong Kong-based media company that organises high profile events and publishes a leading magazine for architects and interior designers. The magazine also has an online channel and is considered to be a highly recognised online hub for architects.

Both offline and online versions offer in-depth coverage of cutting edge design concepts, global trends and interviews with influential leading designers.

Meanwhile, the Perspective+ feature provides an annual directory featuring a lavishly illustrated selection of the most emblematic works completed in the Asia-Pacific region, and profiles of the world’s leading architectural firms.

Asian Integrated Media Perspective publications
Perspective’s publication portfolio.

The fact that Authorised Investment Fund is classified as a pooled development funds (PDF) means it can obtain several significant advantages including a 15% corporate tax on income (as opposed to the standard rate of 30%) and zero capital gains tax payable by investors.

“The complete acquisition of Perspective by AIM, further consolidates AIM’s position as one of Asia’s leading publishers and advertising sales networks in both the traditional and emerging digital publishing space,” said Ben Genser, chairman of Authorised Investment Fund.

AIM’s current partners include Cathay Pacific, Qantas, Handelsblatt, Die Zeit, Daily Mail UK and Richesse among several other major companies and brands.

“Through our partnership with Box Digital Media and its E-MERSION portal, the increased advertising revenue opportunities it represents for Perspective are immense. We look forward to seeing the effect it will have on readership and circulation and the ensuing advertising and event sponsorship revenues. There’s no doubt this will have a profound effect on revenues,” said Mr Genser.

Asian media exposure

E-MERSION is a fully immersive digital magazine platform created and being rolled out by another investee company – Box Digital Media – which is now in a strategic partnership with AIM across it entire advertising client and publishing base.

Authorised Investment Fund said that its recent acquisitions of interests in Box Digital Media, Strike Marketing and the exclusive investment agreement with Asian Integrated Media affirm its continued drive and investment strategy to “identify, and partner with promising and exciting opportunities within the emerging digital media and content space”.

One of the fastest-growing opportunities that EIY is keen to take advantage of has been advertising solutions in the global aviation sector.

According to the London School of Economics (LSE), airline advertising revenue is set to undergo a 115-fold increase over the coming decade with this year’s total of US$26 million expected to increase as high as US$3 billion by 2028 and then double again to US$6.8 billion by 2035.

Just last week, AIM signed a global partnership deal within the US$900 million in-flight connectivity market with AIM selling advertising and brand sponsorships in major global markets such as China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Europe on behalf of SITAONAIR.

Furthermore, the company said it exploring investment opportunities in the lucrative premium health and wellness innovation sector with a recent investment agreement with Aenea Cosmetics with Authorised Investment Fund saying that prospective investors should “watch this space.”

With the Perspective deal now complete, Authorised Investment Fund said that as part of AIM’s expansion programme for Perspective this year, AIM will launch the A&D China Awards to be held in Shenzhen in November 2018.

The A&D Awards is recognised as Asia’s leading event that’s now in its 15th year attracting architects and interior designers from around the world. This year’s event has already seen an 80% increase in entries with approximately 400 senior architects and interior designers expected to attend the event with over 500 paid entries also recorded to date.

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