Authorised Investment Fund investee Aenea Cosmetics scoops up self-made multi-millionaire Dottie Herman as US brand ambassador

Dottie Herman Authorised Investment Fund investee Aenea Cosmetics US brand ambassador
Dottie Herman is the president and CEO of Douglas Elliman, the third largest real estate company in the United States.

Epigenetic cosmetics company Aenea Cosmetics, an investee company of ASX-listed Authorised Investment Fund (ASX: AIY), has unveiled a high-profile brand ambassador that intends to push the luxury brand to a “whole new level”.

In a statement to the market, Authorised Investment Fund reported that Aenea intends to take luxury cosmetics to a another level with the aid of America’s wealthiest real-estate mogul, Dottie Herman.

Mrs Herman is the largest female real-estate tycoon in the US, with an estimated net worth of around US$270 million (A$375 million) and serving as existing chief executive officer of Douglas Elliman, a property company specialising in high-value home sales in the wealthiest regions of the US.

Aenea has struck a deal with Mrs Herman for the tycoon to become its new brand ambassador, in a role to establish and assist in growing Aenea as “one of the most relevant, luxurious skincare brands” in the US, capable of attracting significant market demand.

Aenea announced Mrs Herman’s appointment as North American brand ambassador last month, at a brand event staged at Bergdorf Goodman in New York attended by a large gathering of top business leaders, luxury brands and influential media organisations including Vogue magazine, GQ, Marie Claire, New York Times and the Washington Post.

Aenea says its new brand ambassador is a “true visionary and prominent role model in business”, given her past success in real estate, including winning multiple industry awards and driving her business to the forefront of success in the US – possibly the most competitive market for real estate in the world today.

Generating US sales

With a population of over 150 million females in the US looking to and for positive role models, Mrs Herman is the perfect ambassador with her breadth of corporate experience and network of influential women. Aenea is certain to gain wide exposure in the US market under Mrs Herman’s ambassadorship.

Mrs Herman is currently writing a book that is expected to delve into detail regarding her successful career and plans to launch a new podcast aimed at women aged 50 and above – a demographic Mrs Herman refers to as “the invisible generation”.

Mrs Herman has also confirmed that she plans to spend more time coaching less-advantaged women as well as speaking at high profile events across the US and making appearances on national television to promote the causes she strong supports – including healthy cosmetics.

The strong push into extended media coverage in the US could potentially improve the brand awareness of Aenea’s epigenetics-focused luxury cosmetics, which Mrs Herman has labelled as “inspirational”.

Mrs Herman said she was inspired by Aenea chief executive officer Damien Zannetou and his passion for his cosmetics brand, witnessing first hand his entrepreneurial spirit and hearing of his journey to bring the brand to fruition.

Having watched Aenea complete its successful launch in luxury consumer store Harrods in London and Bergdorf Goodman in New York, Mrs Herman described these two department stores taking up the product as a testament of Aenea’s product validity, and ultimately, could signal strong future success among her network of high-powered women in the US.

“I am thrilled to share my role as ambassador of House of Aenea. It’s not just another skincare brand to add to the vanity case. It’s a luxury skincare range with purpose and relevance,” said Mrs Herman.

“It’s so rare to find technology behind a luxury skincare brand that actually delivers and isn’t just hype,” she said.

Aenea’s epigenetic range

Founded by beauty brand and cosmetics entrepreneur Damien Zannetou, the multi-award-winning Aenea cosmetics product range was launched by Damien in 2014 and boasts a full range of what’s been dubbed “epigenetic” skin care – products that combat the growing incidence of epigenetic environmental factors such as air pollution, radiation emitted from electronic devices, sleep deprivation, lower exercise regimens and poor hydration.

Aenea says these factors all help to increase cortisol production which has been shown to break down collagen in human skin.

Aenea has already secured Harrods in London, Bergdorf Goodman in New York, Feel Unique Online Europe and BFF BKK Bangkok as exclusive global retail partners, to advance the brand’s market position as a luxury good with a clear marketing strategy across leading skin care markets.

The brand was recently featured in Town and Country magazine, which has a circulation of 1.5 million readers.

Last month, Aenea received media coverage in the Financial Times, The Telegraph and luxury magazines across the UK and US, which saw an immediate sales impact.

The company is positioning itself to take on the world’s leading cosmetics brands in the rapidly growing epigenetics space.

Shares in Authorised Investment Fund, a pooled development fund, are up over 200% in the past month as a number of its investee businesses have made stellar progress including gaining access to China’s digital advertising market, something even Google can’t achieve, and tapping into Dubai’s high-end luxury spa market.

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