Australian Primary Hemp launches hemp-based products aimed at mitigating COVID-19

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By George Tchetvertakov - 
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本季度Australian Primary Hemp的口罩和洗手液订单总额超过31.5万澳元。


Seeking to take advantage of the growing trend of wearing face masks, Australian Primary Hemp (ASX: APH) has announced the launch of a hemp-based face mask personal protective equipment (PPE) product.

The hemp maker said it will “immediately commence” supplying its newly developed range of hemp-based PPE products to Australian and international retailers.

The company produces, manufactures and distributes a range of hemp products to retail, wholesale and white label customers across Australia.

It also conducts operations throughout the value chain, encompassing hemp seed selection, farming, processing, packaging as well as distribution and sales of bulk and retail products.

Just last month, Australian Primary Hemp unveiled a two-year exclusive supply agreement with Annex Foods, a leading Australian food manufacturer and marketer, for the supply of Australian grown hemp seeds.

Annex has agreed to use Australian Primary Hemp’s hemp seeds as ingredients for products sold under its Red Tractor Brand, currently sold in supermarkets throughout Australia and in more than 10 countries globally.

Results-wise, Australian Primary Hemp has posted a 34% boost in revenue growth up to $1.16 million in the last financial year.

Considering the strong uptake of hemp products across Australia based on their high fatty acid, vitamin and mineral content – as well as a growing reputation for being an organic problem-solver across multiple industries – Australian Primary Hemp is attempting to leverage hemp’s natural properties to mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Environmentally friendly COVID protection

According to Australian Primary Hemp, its range of PPE products, including its new hemp-based face mask and hemp-infused hand sanitiser, have been developed in response to growing concern over the environmental impact of traditional PPE masks and other disposable accessories.

Masks currently being produced and distributed around the world are generally not biodegradable, easily recyclable, or naturally sourced. Their disposal is becoming a growing problem given the billions of pieces of equipment being regularly discarded.

Australian Primary Hemp said it has developed a much-improved alternative, based on reusable, biodegradable, and sustainably-sourced materials comprised of three layers of hemp and hemp-blended material. According to Swiss-based certification company SGS, this material delivers a “99.9% decrease in microbial count”.

The new hand sanitiser is infused with the company’s proprietary seed oil and Australian native bush mint balm to boost its fragrant, antiseptic and moisturising properties. Moreover, these antiseptic and moisturising qualities comply with World Health Organisation (WHO) standards.