Aurora Labs achieves milestones in 3D printing sector

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By Imelda Cotton - 
Aurora Labs ASX A3D achieves milestones 3D printing sector 2023

Aurora Labs (ASX: A3D) has posted a productive three months to end June focused on the development of its additive manufacturing technology for various markets.

In June, the company signed a deal with petroleum giant Aramco (Saudi Arabia Oil Company) which outlined potential areas of co-operation including the exchange of information relating to Saudi Arabia and Gulf Co-operation Council markets and the potential joint development of opportunities in the 3D printing business.

A memorandum of understanding signed between the two companies also incorporates the the exchange of information regarding Aurora’s high-powered AL250 metal 3D printer with patented MCP (multiple layer concurrent printing) technology.

AL250 detailed design

Aurora has progressed the detailed design of its AL250 machine and initiated procurement activities for first production.

The baseline configuration has been finalised with main features including an efficient build size; the use of single or dual 1500 watt fibre lasers; continuous bi-directional printing; 4D optics; open software for material parameter development; and fast material changes and easy maintenance.

The AL250 will feature key elements aimed at improving the productivity and research potential of the additive manufacturing concept.

They include the ability to print continuously using Aurora’s MCP technology, unconventional feedstock usage and quick powder changeover.

While MCP partnership discussions slowed over the quarter, Aurora progressed its local research and industrial development options starting with the Innovations Connections project launched in May and jointly-funded with Curtin University to support high-powered, high productivity printing.

Woodside test results

During the quarter, Aurora received the test results for a $30,000 qualification print order received from Woodside Energy Technologies in January.

The print was for a variety of stainless steel 316L artefacts and test samples produced on Aurora’s Beta machine according to Woodside’s engineering standards for additive manufacturing.

The samples were sent to a certified laboratory for mechanical and corrosion testing as well as visual analysis using optical and scanning electron microscope (SEM) techniques.

Test results showed Aurora can print SS316L consistent with the specified material properties.

The qualification print is a pre-requisite before Aurora can proceed with any future print work for Woodside.

ISO 9001 certification

Subsequent to the quarter end, Aurora underwent its final ISO 9001 certification audit which is a key requirement for it to provide the advanced manufacture of components to Tier 1 companies in the energy, resource and defence industries.

The company achieved certification of its quality management system last week.