AuKing Mining achieves ‘significant initial findings’ during test work on Onedin ore

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By Lorna Nicholas - 
AuKing Mining ASX AKN maiden drilling Koongie Park copper zinc project

AuKing Mining has reported a highlight intercept of 124m at 1.03% copper, 1.08% zinc, 1.54% lead and 50g/t silver from 8m at its Koongie Park project.


AuKing Mining (ASX: AKN) has revealed “significant initial findings” from preliminary test work on ore samples from the Onedin deposit including copper and zinc recovery rates exceeding 75%.

Onedin is part of AuKing’s flagship Koongie Park project in Western Australia’s north and is believed to occur in a carbonate-style mineral system.

The initial test work established the existence of secondary carbonate species in the Onedin mineralised zone along with the potential to achieve high copper, zinc and other mineral recovery rates.

“These are significant initial findings for AuKing as this was the fundamental basis for the company to proceed with Koongie Park from the outset,” the company stated.

Optimal recovery strategy

AuKing is carrying out further evaluation on samples, which is looking at a combination of pre-treatment reductants, time which the treatments are applied, and the operational conditions these are under.

Results from these tests are expected within the next three-to-four weeks.

AuKing’s plan is to establish an optimal recovery strategy first then begin large-scale tests on its extensive drill core inventory from drilling completed last year.

Research and development tax refund

Chief executive officer Paul Williams said the company was pleased with the initial results from its metallurgical test work program, and this program has now secured Australian Government research and development registration.

As part of the government research and development application, AuKing anticipates a refund exceeding $550,000 in relation to work undertaken in FY2021.

“The test work program is ongoing and the current focus of test work is to identify a suitable means of processing the significant levels of iron oxides/hydroxides in the weathered part of the Onedin deposits, with results from that activity available shortly,” he added.

Advancing Koongie Park

Recent drilling at Koongie Park has generated “outstanding results” with notable intercepts of 105.3m at 1.94% copper, 0.76% zinc, 0.7% lead, 55 grams per tonne silver and 106 parts per million molybdenum from 46m, including 16.6m at 10.2% copper, 1.03% zinc, 0.46% lead, and 316g/t silver; and 66m at 1.67% copper, 17.57% zinc, 4.03% lead, 95g/t silver, 0.36g/t gold and 1,718ppm molybdenum from 74.4m, including 8.7m at 3.28% copper, 22.71% zinc, 8.01% lead, 190g/t silver and 3,776ppm molybdenum.

The project has a current resource of 8.9Mt at 1.01% copper, 3.67% zinc, 0.16g/t gold, 32g/t silver and 0.77% lead.