Audible social media gets its first commercial setting, HearMeOut

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Social media is evolving to include audio for the very first time, courtesy of HearMeOut (ASX: HMO), an Israeli-based tech company that has just a signed a partnership with Whitelabel Social, a leading US influencer and social media “star agency”.

Whitelabel Social says it can readily “reach” of over 100 million consumers and social media users through its focus on well-known celebrities and entertainment industry figureheads.

Meanwhile, HearMeOut brings to the table a platform that enables users to share and listen to 42-second audio posts through the platform’s native feeder on other social networks, such as Twitter and Facebook.

Through its app, “people can express their authentic voice and put their unique signature on social media interactions,” according to HearMeOut.

“Partnering with an agency that specialises in social media influencers and music artists that appeal to the millennials, can generate great results to the continued growth of the Company’s brand and user base,” said Mr Issy Livian, Co-founder of HearMeOut.

Through Whitelabel Social, HearMeOut intends to boost its level of social media influence and thereby the awareness of its audio-focused social media angle.

Under the terms of the agreement, Whitelabel Social will introduce “influencers” to HearMeOut and help develop content to embellish HearMeOut’s products and initiatives.

Voice-optimised content

Increasingly more online search queries are being done with voice, rather than text. According to Google CEO Sundar Pichai, 20% of its search queries are now done with voice.

This trend has led some industry experts to forecast that 50% of all searches to be voice searches by 2020.

If HearMeOut can establish an early foothold in social media with its voice-focused method of sharing content, it could potentially generate strong commercial returns as increasingly more participants turn to voice-enabled functionality globally.

Earlier this month, HearMeOut announced the launch of an Internet of Things (IoT) device that will enable users of HearMeOut’s app to use the platform while driving even if they lack connected car technology.

Veteran-enabled expansion

As part of the company’s expansion, HearMeOut is also adding a “dedicated team for the purpose of developing content,” to be headed by Jon Housman, a well-established and proven media veteran with over 20 years’ experience in developing innovative commercially-viable tech projects.

From 2012 to 2016, Mr Housman served as Chief Executive Officer of Ora Media, the digital television network and production studio founded by television icon Larry King and renowned investor Carlos Slim Helú.

During his leadership, Ora introduced an innovative model for hybrid production and distribution, developing franchises across both digital and linear channels, working with such networks as ESPN, HBO, Hulu, and RT.

In response to today’s partnership and expansion of HearMeOut’s market intentions, Mr Housman said, “now is a great time for the company to expand its US activity and I believe we can build a team that will generate great content and opportunities for the platform.”

“HearMeOut is a compelling and unique concept, that I am sure several of our influencers and artists will find exciting. I’m confident Whitelabel Social can assist in growing the HearMeOut brand and I’m looking forward to starting this exciting partnership,” said Crystal Lauderdale, CEO of Whitelabel Social.

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