AssetOwl enters South Australian real estate market with leading agency to trial Pirsee

AssetOwl ASX AO1 Harris Real Estate Pirsee
Harris Real Estate will trial AssetOwl’s Pirsee property inspection platform and assist with developing a South Australia-compliant version of the technology.

AssetOwl (ASX: AO1) has revealed a leading South Australian real estate agency will trial its cloud-based property inspection platform Pirsee – complementing its rapidly growing market penetration in Western Australia.

South Australian agency Harris Real Estate has signed a customer licence to trial the platform, which includes virtual tours with the Insta360 panoramic camera and Pirsee’s “marketing leading” remote routine inspection function.

AssetOwl says the platform’s ability to undertake these functions remotely make it ideal in a COVID environment.

South Australian real estate market

As part of the trial, AssetOwl will work collaboratively with Harris to expedite development of a fully-South Australian compliant version of Pirsee for further penetration in the state.

Harris manages 3,000 properties – equating to about 2% of all professionally managed properties in South Australia.

It is South Australia’s largest independent real estate agency and has received numerous awards.

Commenting on the agreement to trial Pirsee, Harris operations manager Daniel Hill said the company prides itself as a “leading innovator” in the South Australian real estate industry.

“Whilst property inspections are central to property management, existing inspection tools fall short of the type of experience and functionality we are looking for.”

“We are excited to trial Pirsee, as we believe that it offers the technological leadership and digital experience, which will enable us to significantly improve the service we provide owners and tenants, whilst also providing our property managers with the support they need to excel at their job,” he added.

Nationwide roll-out

AssetOwl chief executive officer Geoff Goldsmith said the agreement with Harris will accelerate development of the South Australian compliant version of Pirsee.

“I have no doubt that our work with Harris will stand us in good stead as we roll-out Pirsee across the country.”

Development of the South Australian Pirsee is being undertaken in parallel with the Queensland and New South Wales versions of the platform.

The company plans to release the South Australian Pirsee “as soon as practicable” after its entry into Queensland and NSW markets.

AssetOwl anticipates this will occur within the first half of this year.

Pirsee was initially developed for the Western Australian market, where it now has at least 37 licenced real estate agencies on the platform.

This equates to about a 10% penetration of Western Australia’s professionally managed real estate market.

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