AssetOwl rebrands inspector360 property management platform to Pirsee

AssetOwl Pirsee ASX AO1 inspector360 property management
Inspector360 has been renamed Pirsee, derived from “property inspection report” and the verb “see”.

Enterprise property management platform provider AssetOwl (ASX: AO1) has announced a rebranding of its flagship inspector360 property management platform to Pirsee.

The new name for the software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform – which relies on virtual technology to create an internal view of residential properties – is derived from “property inspection report” and the verb “see”.

AssetOwl chief executive officer Geoff Goldsmith believes the new moniker to be a “succinct descriptor of the essence of the platform”, which seeks to provide optimum ways for owners, tenants and property managers to view their property inspection reports.

“With the right branding and marketing, we expect that Pirsee – like Siri, Alexa, and Google – will become part of the industry vernacular when it comes to SaaS-based real estate inspection solutions,” he said.

“Pirsee’s light-hearted approach and distinctive colouring and style seeks to appeal directly to property managers, which are the cornerstone of the residential property management industry.”

The rebranded product will be initially launched in Western Australia and will be accompanied by a co-ordinated marketing campaign including a formal launch event, webinars targeting WA real estate agents, a social media campaign and a new website to replace the previous inspector360 site.

Case study

Esperance-based Thorp Realty is showcased on the new website as a Pirsee adoptee keen to streamline its operations.

With over 350 homes on its books, Thorp’s property managers were spending up to five hours a day manually conducting each inspection.

The company’s biggest challenges were too much time spent in the field, hundreds of photos taken in one place, and employees who were feeling pressured and stressed.

Pirsee was brought in as a business saver, providing high definition, detail-rich panoramas and “smart” property condition reports which reduced on-site inspection times by 75%; eliminated the need for hard copy documents; and automated the real-time property inspection process for all stakeholders.

Bringing colour to inspections

Mr Goldsmith said Pirsee would bring “colour” to property inspections, which can often be a dull and time-consuming task.

“Most existing property inspection brands are grey, uniform and lack passion [but] Pirsee will provide a refreshing break … it is distinctive, bright, fun and confident,” Mr Goldsmith said.

“We have developed a brand which we believe will resonate with property managers [and] underpin our launch into Victoria and other east coast markets,” he added.

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