AssetOwl and PCRS commence direct selling of Inspector360 in WA

AssetOwl Inspector360 ASX AO1 product tour video real estate
PCRS has agreed to utilise AssetOwl’s Inspector360 via 170 agencies in WA, while conducting around 65 property condition reports and 35 routine inspections each week.

Property management enabler AssetOwl (ASX: AO1) has kicked off sales of its Inspector360 platform via key distribution partner PCR and Routine Inspection Services (PCRS), three months after first announcing the deal to the market.

Since signing a commercial licence agreement with PCRS in February, AssetOwl said it completed production of a product tour video while PCRS has now commenced promoting the product to its agency clients.

The company is a leading property inspection service provider in Australia, first founded in 2005 by current managing director Narelle Anderson and now serving 170 agencies in Western Australia, with an estimated 10,000 properties under management.

Under the terms of the deal, AssetOwl has granted PCRS an initial 18-month licence to utilise Inspector360 in conducting initial entry, routine and exit inspections for its clients.

AssetOwl is set to receive a fee for every report generated by Inspector360 with varying fees being charged depending on the nature of the report and the level of accessed functionality.

PCRS is also a licenced re-seller, allowing the company to sub-licence Inspector360 to other clients including facilitating upgrades from other residential property management software products.

According to AssetOwl, Inspector360 is a tool that attempts to “change the benchmarks” for quality, utility and efficiency in performing property inspections – a cultural practice that has maintained its popularity and remains a fundamental process in safeguarding billions of dollars for property investors in Australia each year.

“Inspector360 keeps owners seamlessly in the loop and gives them a comprehensive toolkit to be reassured their property is being kept in good shape and everything is up to scratch,” the company said.

Inspecting properties

AssetOwl’s inspector360 software is typically used by property managers to better organise tasks related to overseeing multiple homes simultaneously.

Some of the features included in the software aim to transform logistics handling in the form of better image capture, 360-degree panoramas, room to room navigation, virtual walkthroughs, in-app video conferencing and automated reports.

AssetOwl claims that Inspector360 represents the next generation of “photo-centric” property management platforms, designed to benefit property owners, tenants, agents and managers by providing transparency and real-time oversight capability.

The Inspector360 app provides tenants, property managers and landlords with precise records regarding property condition during a tenancy, tenancy scheduling tools and utilises AssetOwl’s existing virtual tour technology to create an internal view of a property.

Users are also able to run the application from several devices thereby extending functionality and enabling a wider variety of data collection possibilities.

The inspector360 app was first launched in September last year and is currently available from the Apple and Google Play stores respectively.

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