AssetOwl partners with Attree Real Estate’s Nathan Want to fast-track inspector360 roll-out

AssetOwl ASX AO1 Attree Real Estate Nathan Want
Attree Real Estate director and licensee Nathan Want says inspector360 is the “real estate inspection platform of the future”.

Attree Real Estate director and licensee Nathan Want has formed a strategic agreement with  AssetOwl’s (ASX: AO1) to accelerate the roll-out of its proprietary real estate platform inspector360.

Attree became one of AssetOwl’s clients in April this year after electing to adopt the inspector360 platform.

According to AssetOwl, Attree is a highly respected agency within Western Australia’s real estate market.

Attree director Mr Want also has a history of collaboration with AssetOwl.

Under the collaboration, Mr Want will leverage his extensive industry connections to facilitate the uptake of AssetOwl’s inspector360 across WA and Australia’s east coast.

“Having worked with AssetOwl’s product for the last few months, it is clear to me that their inspector360 tool is the real estate inspection platform of the future,” Mr Want said.

“I am of the view that inspector360 has the potential to make a positive impact on the industry.”

“I look forward to introducing inspector360 to my industry contacts and working closely with Geoff and his team,” Mr Want added.

Meanwhile, AssetOwl chief executive officer Geoff Goldsmith said Mr Want’s extensive industry network will improve the company’s position in WA, while accelerating adoption of inspector360 across the east coast, with launch in Victoria expected this quarter.

In consideration for his services, Mr Want will receive 8.5 million AssetOwl options across five tranches.


AssetOwl’s inspector360 is a “new generation photo-centric” cloud-based property management platform.

Designed for residential real estate, inspector360 is offered as a software as a service product and provides a complete photographic record of a property’s condition throughout a tenancy.

AssetOwl says its platform solves a “significant pain-point” for the real estate sector – rental inspections – noting existing solutions are “unsatisfactory” and “ripe for disruption”.

The company estimates inspector360 cuts the time taken for the property inspection process by 75%.

Inspector360 generates a comprehensive and photo-centric inspection report, while streamlining property examination and enabling tenants to review, comment and sign digitally.

Meanwhile, an Owner’s Portal allows landlords to monitor the condition of their investment property and have confidence the property is being “well managed”.

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