AssetOwl enhances Pirsee appeal with data migration capabilities

Asset Owl Pirsee data migration Word PDF cloud ASX AO1
A trial customer has become a paying client after successfully uploading its Word and PDF-based property inspection data to AssetOwl’s Pirsee platform using the newly developed data migration feature.

After more innovation, AssetOwl (ASX: AO1) can now offer real estate clients the ability to migrate property report data from Microsoft Word and PDFs to its cloud-based Pirsee platform.

A trial customer has successfully uploaded its Word and PDF-based inspection data to Pirsee using AssetOwl’s newly developed data migration technology.

The inspection data comprised about 400 records, and with the successful migration, the trial customer has become the company’s fifth paying client.

According to AssetOwl, the majority of entry inspection data is based in either Word or PDF software.

“The migration of a full set of Word and PDF-based property condition reports is a significant achievement for the business,” AssetOwl chief executive officer Geoff Goldsmith said.

He added Pirsee was designed to smooth business processes and boost efficiency, while supporting property managers in their day-to-day challenges.

“I am excited to report that this new capability enables AssetOwl to deliver significant improvements to those customers who are yet to digitise their inspection records.”

Inefficient record storage

With entry inspections a critical part of the tenant life-cycle, AssetOwl says storing these records in Word or PDF formats is “highly inefficient”.

In this format, rental inspection records are often stored in disparate locations, easy to lose and can be cumbersome to refer to during final bond inspections.

AssetOwl’s migration capability aims to address this inefficiency.

Word and PDF data is converted into AssetOwl’s own standardised proprietary digital format, before being imported into the cloud-based Pirsee platform.

Unlocking market potential

This capability will unlock a wider market for AssetOwl and assist with uptake of Pirsee.

The company noted most WA real estate agencies retain Word and PDF inspection records. These records need to be able to be migrated if the agency wants to change its inspection platform.

AssetOwl said its data migration capability would be “particularly attractive” to rent roll aggregators.

“Rent rolls are commonly traded and data integration of inspection records represents a significant challenge to the successful and efficient merging of rent rolls.”

When using Pirsee, digital rent records are easily accessible to property managers when performing final bond inspections.

Additionally, the digitisation and upload of inspection reports to Pirsee means property room configurations are loaded and ready to use.

AssetOwl says this means property managers can avoid spending 40 minutes-or-so manually inputting property room and accessory details into their legacy inspection tool prior to carrying out an inspection.

The data migration capability will be provided to existing trial customers as a complementary service.

However, AssetOwl will offer this feature to future customers on commercial terms.

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