Archer Materials attains long-term goal of sub-10nm fabrication

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By Louis Allen - 
Archer Materials ASX AXE sub-10 nanometre fabrication biochip device

Archer Materials chief executive officer Dr Mohammad Choucair says the company’s semiconductor devices push the boundaries of modern technology.


Australian semiconductor company Archer Materials (ASX: AXE) has reached a “long-term technology development goal” to fabricate biochip device components less than 10 nanometres (nm) in size.

The company announced today it has fabricated sub-10nm features “reproducibly and reliably” by developing a number of advanced lithographic processes on a silicon wafer in a clean room environment.

In what is described “a significant technical achievement”, Archer Materials chief executive officer Dr Mohammad Choucair said the company’s strategy is to become a leader within the semiconductor industry.

“We’re developing semiconductor devices that push the boundaries of modern technology,” he said.

“Achieving sub-10nm fabrication of electronic device components is an excellent outcome on our path to developing Archer’s biochip technology, and one that demonstrates the world-class capabilities of our pioneering team.”

Dr Choucair said the major technology development breakthrough is an important step in the right direction towards the future of its biochip.

With a smaller overall chip size, it will enable better performance, along with reduced power consumption.

Advanced semiconductor technology

Archer’s main business objective is the development of its advanced semiconductor technology, supported by the company’s nano fabrication capabilities.

As a result of the company’s breakthrough, it says it is well positioned to carry out its objectives.

“We ambitiously set out to achieve sub-10nm fabrication to bring Archer in-line with the feature size lithographic processing capability of leading players in the semiconductor industry,” Dr Choucair said.

The miniaturisation gives the company more opportunities with its lithographic processes for the design and fabrication of its technologies.

Archer’s lab-on-a-chip technology

Archer commenced the development of its biochip, a “lab-on-a-chip technology”, in November 2020, in an attempt to aid the detection of some of the world’s most deadly communicable diseases.

In April 2021, Archer announced it had started the nano fabrication processes, outlining its long-term goal to develop sub-10nm size biochip features which would the match “best-in-class” within the semiconductor industry.

To achieve its goal, the company expanded its access to state-of-art instruments and talent to make progress on sub-10nm fabrication.

Archer remains focused on the micro and nano fabrication of its biochip device components moving forward, combining it with biochemical reactions to help detect diseases that until now have posed many technological challenges for lab-on-a-chip devices.

The company holds all the rights to the biochip technology and intellectual property, which is also being developed in house.