Anson Resources’ Cane Creek brine evaporation trials boost lithium concentrate 250%

Anson Resources ASX ASN Cane Creek boost lithium brine evaporation
Evaporation test work on Anson Resources' Cane Creek brine has increased lithium concentrations by 250%.

Evaporation test work on Anson Resources’ (ASX: ASN) Cane Creek 32-1 lithium brine samples has boosted lithium concentrations by 250% to 310 parts per million.

The test work is part of Anson’s strategy to fast-track its Paradox lithium brine project by gaining a better understanding of the brine feed that can be expected from the Cane Creek well which is part of the project.

According to Anson, test work will also assist with optimising the production process.

Anson carried out the tests on Cane Creek brine and achieved the 310ppm lithium concentration on the third day of evaporation under a heat lamp after starting with a 126ppm feed grade.

Other minerals were concentrated including 4,430ppm boron from 1,870ppm, 49,800ppm magnesium from 39,100ppm, and 132,000ppm calcium from 53,800ppm.

Meanwhile, vacuum evaporation trials produced 314ppm lithium from 115ppm lithium brine concentrate.

Other minerals included 4,150ppm boron from 1,580ppm, 36,800 magnesium from 34,700ppm and 163,400 calcium from 46,800ppm.

During both evaporation processes lithium, boron, magnesium and calcium concentrations were increased, while sodium and potassium were reduced.

“The evaporation test work has provided the company with a better understanding of the nature of the unique super saturated multi-mineral bearing brines at the Paradox lithium project assisting in the development of the design of production process which is currently underway,” Anson managing director Bruce Richardson said.

“The company remains committed to fast-tracking this project into production and will conducti natural evaporation tests using ponds at the Cane Creek well in the immediate future to further understand these properties using the brine that was available at site from the Cane Creek well,” Mr Richardson added.

Cane Creek

Anson reported mid-month that it had reopened the Cane Creek well to carry out the test work.

The company plans to investigate flow rates over a longer period of time, grade changes, and any alterations to brine temperature and characteristics on reaching the surface.

Anson stated it will keep the well open and continue extracting brine samples for test work in the field and laboratory.

Additionally, Anson plans to secure a large bulk sample to feed through the bench top pilot plant and produce a lithium carbonate for potential offtake partners to evaluate and progress offtake discussions.

Anson’s Paradox project is found in Utah’s lithium four corners region in the US where historic exploration returned up to 1,700ppm lithium.

The market reacted positively to this morning’s news, with the company’s share price soaring more than 40% to reach A$0.052 by early afternoon trade.

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