Animoca Brands sale non-fungible tokens Crazy Defense Heroes super value chests

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By George Tchetvertakov - 
Animoca Brands sale non-fungible tokens Crazy Defense Heroes super value chests

Animoca has completed the last round of its digital asset sale initiative first announced at the beginning of May.


In a bid to fuse blockchain technology with traditional gaming, while “challenging the standard model of game licensing”, Animoca Brands announced that it has completed the sale of 100 “super value chests” as part of its Crazy Defense Heroes franchise.

The sold chests are in-game digital content containing collectable non-fungible tokens (NFTs), in-game currency called “gems” and VIP points that gamers can use to access limited game features.

Animoca’s initiative first began in early May when the company announced a series of asset sales designed to raise interest in Crazy Defense Heroes and to propagate the growth of blockchain technology within gaming.

Crazy Defense Heroes combines a collectable card game with the suspense and strategy of “tower defense”, challenging players to consider the tactics of resource management and developing characters and equipment while scripting an overarching fantasy storyline with over 500 levels of gameplay.

The game has amassed over 2 million downloads and is currently Animoca’s most successful franchise.

Animoca announced yesterday that all the digital content it made available during the sale sold out within 24 hours, including its “legendary” chests which are the most highly coveted and expensive, with buyers now able to trade various in-game collectables with other users.

According to the game development company, its Crazy Defense Heroes chest sale exemplifies the innate potential of blockchain technology within gaming with the announced sale “representing the first of several planned actions” to overcome the divide between traditional and cryptographic gaming.

Next-generation of gaming

Currently, game developers provide a wide range of in-game assets for players via downloadable content, promotions and premium content.

However, such assets cannot be owned or transferred given that a genuine market doesn’t exist – only values set by the game developer.

They can be revoked at any time, especially if game development stops, or if the development company decides to change the dynamics of a game.

“Effectively, gamers do not truly own any of the assets inside traditional games – despite the fact that gamers invest significant time and money in games,” Animoca said.

However, with blockchain technology, games could include non-fungible tokens and direct ownership over various digital assets, thereby giving players far more control over their assets and security over its actual value.

Gamers could also benefit from the potential appreciation of their assets over time, much like collectors see the value of their collections rise as particular items attract greater demand, while others become oversupplied, or are considered undesirable by gamers.

“Animoca Brands will continue exploring the potential of blockchain and NFTs attached to traditional mobile games, challenging the standard model of game licensing and fostering the mass adoption of blockchain and NFT technologies,” the company said.

Crazy Defense Heroes is currently available for selected iPhone, iPad and Android devices and can be downloaded from Apple’s App Store or Google Play respectively. The game is free to download and play and contains optional premium content.