Animoca Brands presents REVV Racing as bridge between blockchain gaming and motorsport

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Animoca Brands REVV Racing NFT blockchain gaming motorsport metaverse

Animoca Brands has partnered with virtual car designer Nfast and gaming entrepreneur Thomas Gavache to advance its REVV Racing game.


Blockchain gaming company Animoca Brands has significantly advanced its aspirations of bringing forth top-tier motorsports to the blockchain community and its users around the world.

The news comes mere months since the company added NASCAR to its growing “crypto gaming metaverse” aimed at weaving together the most high-octane motorsports events into a commercially viable crypto gaming product that allows fans, as well as investors, to participate in “play-to-earn” game environments.

Capping off a slew of announcements, Animoca Brands unveiled a new partnership with Nfast and said the partnership was a “milestone” in its plan to develop blockchain-based games that have “the quality, look, and feel of traditional video games”.

To achieve a genuine look and feel, Animoca Brands has formed a partnership with virtual car designer Nfast, co-founded by professional car designer Arseny Kostromin and gaming entrepreneur Thomas Gavache. The two individuals are set to lead the car design for Animoca Brands’ game REVV Racing, as well as, producing content for the REVV Racing metaverse including the creation of non-fungible token (NFT) hypercars.

According to Animoca Brands, its action arcade racing blockchain game gives players “full and real-time first-person control of their car” with the simulation game becoming the newest play-to-earn title in the REVV Motorsport metaverse of racing games.

Moreover, Nfast is expected to produce a growing set of new ownable in-game commodities over time. Within the REVV Racing metaverse, cars are considered as NFTs with all play sessions being registered on the blockchain, although, the gameplay resembles 3D car-racing familiar to millions of gamers globally.

The terms of the partnership stipulate that Nfast’s roadmap will include development of “augmented reality” (AR) models in addition to a “customisation platform allowing collectors to mint unique hypercars to their taste”.

MotoGP ignition

In addition to promoting its blockchain-fuelled car-focused aspirations, Animoca Brands is likewise pursuing blockchain traction courtesy of motorsport of the two-wheeled variety. Earlier this week, the company announced the first sale of its MotoGP Ignition Hot Shots – a new series of NFT collectables representing the most memorable moments from MotoGP racing events.

As a demonstration of the concept, Animoca Brands is taking the most high-profile action scenes from the MotoGP 2021 season and converting these events into unique collectable NFTs, or what the company refers to as “Hot Shots”.

The first NFTs sold will feature moments from this year’s first event: the Barwa Grand Prix of Qatar, won by Spanish rider Maverick Viñales. According to Animoca Brands, a total of 6,000 Hot Shot packs will be made available for purchase at US$15 per pack with each pack containing three Hot Shot NFTs of varying rarity and bearing serial/print numbers.

The gaming company has also confirmed that interested buyers must sign up to the booking system between 15-20 September via a dedicated link with actual sales expected to commence on 28 September 2021.

Sales will be staggered into three segments serving as windows offering 2,000 packs at a time – thereby allowing people in different time zones more flexibility to participate in the buying process.

More broadly, Animoca Brand’s MotoGP Ignition game is an officially licenced MotoGP competitive management and collectables product built on the Flow blockchain and serves as a prominent title within its overarching REVV Motorsport ecosystem.

According to the blockchain gaming company, MotoGP Ignition delivers two distinct MotoGP-branded experiences related to a digital collectables platform and an upcoming racing manager game. The racing management experience of the game is set to offer the bikes, riders, and champions of MotoGP as NFTs, that players use to assemble their racing teams to compete against other players.

REVV Racing Tournament

In a bid to further enhance and promote its expanding library of motorsport-related titles and encourage uptake of its REVV Racing game, Animoca Brands has staged a competitive in-game tournament in partnership with Yield Guild Games (YGG).

The tournament series offers a prize pool of $150,000 with the inaugural event taking place in August this year. Throughout August and September, YGG has held four “sprint sessions” with a rewards pool of $10,000 and has followed up with two cup events in September: the Tower Cup and YGG Cup.

According to YGG co-founders Beryl Li and Gabby Dizon, YGG is a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO) for investing in NFTs, to be used in virtual worlds and blockchain-based games. The organisation’s officially stated mission is to create the “biggest virtual world economy” and optimising its community-owned assets for maximum utility and “sharing its profits with its token holders”.

“With the goal to make NFT games accessible to more players, YGG is proud to sponsor the first REVV Racing YGG Cup,” said Gabby Dizon, and added that “REVV Racing is setting the standard for the future of car racing in the rapidly growing play-to-earn category, providing players with the right to own, customise, share, and profit from their in-game NFT assets”.

The guild made headlines earlier this year after its 50,000-strong following completed a public sale of 25 million YGG tokens that “sold out in just 31 seconds” on 27 July 2021.

“This gives players more control than has ever been possible in the gaming world and that’s exactly the kind of empowerment we want to see as we continue our mission to onboard billions of players to the metaverse,” said Mr Dizon.