Animoca Brands makes $12 million in NFT sales in three days

Animoca Brands NFT sales 2021 F1 Delta Time The Sandbox non-fungible token
Animoca Brands has also ranked as one of Australia’s fastest growing companies of 2021 and a high growth company in the Asia Pacific.

Game developer Animoca Brands has announced two non-fungible token (NFT) sale events for its blockchain games F1 Delta Time and The Sandbox have raked in a total of US$9.28 million (A$12 million) in a space of three days.

The two sales included the sale of 300 Epic tier segments of six official Formula 1 events within F1 Delta Time, as well as the sale and auction of various premium LANDs and ESTATEs in The Sandbox. The Sandbox sale event is still in progress and is scheduled to end this Wednesday.

The sale events follow the record-breaking sales of F1 Delta Time race car NFTs achieved in a March auction and the recent addition of multiple new gaming investors to The Sandbox metaverse.

Moreover, the unlisted game developer has recently been ranked according to its annual growth rate as one of the top 500 high growth companies in the Asia Pacific region and one of Australia’s fastest growing companies of 2021.

The Sandbox Innovators LAND sale continues

The Sandbox’s ‘Innovators LAND’ sale started on 14 April and is scheduled to continue until 21 April.

LAND is a piece of digital real estate in the social metaverse platform that players can use to build and monetise their own game experiences collaboratively and without central authority on the Ethereum blockchain.

A total of 1,874 premium LANDs, which included three Epic NFTs each, were released for the sale price of 4,683 SAND (the platform’s utility token) each, which is equivalent to around A$3,845.

ESTATEs, which are also up for grabs, are comprised of several blocks of LAND at a 5% discount to the individual LAND price but don’t include any NFTs.

According to Animoca Brands, in only the first two days the game directly sold 1,206 premium LANDs and 13 ESTATEs (3×3) for 5.76 million SAND, plus 19 ESTATEs were sold at auction on OpenSea for 2.92 million SAND. This has resulted in a grand total to date of about 8.68 million SAND, the equivalent of around US$5.9 million (A$7.63 million).

As of 16 April, there were 668 premium LAND NFTs still available for purchase.

Earlier in April, Animoca Brands announced multiple new LAND owners including crypto project Nifty Gateway, venture capital firm Galaxy Interactive and the billionaire Winklevoss twins.

Other virtual property holders in The Sandbox metaverse include Atari, Shaun The Sheep, The Smurfs and CryptoKitties.

F1 Delta Time Epic event segments sale sold out in 1.5 hours

Animoca Brands’ F1 Delta Time subsidiary also launched its sale on 14 April, with the event selling out within one and a half hours and raising 9.9 million REVV (the in-game currency for Animoca’s branded motorsport game titles), which is worth about US$3.38 million (A$4.37 million).

The event included the direct sale of 300 Epic tier segments of six official Formula 1 events.

Event segments provide passive rewards to their owners in the form of REVV tokens with every race in that event contributing to rewards.

In F1 Delta Time, events are grouped in four tiers of descending rarity and power: Apex, Legendary, Epic and Rare.

In March, Animoca Brands launched an auction of race car and event segment NFTs to the mark the end of the F1 Delta Time and Formula 1 2020 season.

Auction results included the record-breaking sale of the 70th Anniversary Apex race car NFT for 987,000 REVV (worth about A$342,000 at the time) as well as the aftermarket sale of the Apex Australia Edition 2020 car NFT for 1.22 million REVV (about A$430,000).

In addition, 800 Rare Formula 1 2020 event segment NFTs sold out within 23 minutes, raking in a total of 8 million REVV or around US$1.8 million (A$2.32 million).

Animoca Brands ranked as one of Australia’s fastest growing companies

Animoca Brands is also rejoicing in being ranked in a list of the top 500 “high-growth companies” in the Asia Pacific region for 2021, as well as being named as one of Australia’s “fastest growing companies”.

The Asia Pacific list was compiled by the Financial Times in partnership with Nikkei Asia and Statista and ranked companies according to their compound annual growth rate based on revenue between 2016 and 2019.

Animoca Brands noted in its announcement that the list identified companies that entered the COVID-19 pandemic in a position of strength, as the ranking was based on financial data dating before the global outbreak.

The company was ranked 324th in the top 500 list, although it has reported a substantial increase in revenue subsequent to the ranking period.

Some ASX-listed companies making the list include Jayride Group (ASX: JAY) ranked at number 47, Beston Global Food Company (ASX: BFC) at 153, Spacetalk (ASX: SPA) at 172, Ava Risk Group (ASX: AVA) at 191, Elmo Software (ASX: ELO) at 234, MoneyMe (ASX: MME) at 236 and Imdex (ASX: IMD) making the list in 488th place.

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