AML3D confirms superior strength steel product after independent testing

AML3D WAM ASX AL3 high strength steel Ultimate Tensile Strength additive metal layering 3D printing
AML3D’s steel product had 10% higher ultimate tensile strength than a traditionally manufactured steel sample.

After its ASX debut on Monday, AML3D (ASX: AL3) has impressed investors this week with news third-party testing of its wire additive manufactured (WAM) 3D printing technology has produced “exceptional results”.

National Association of Testing Laboratories accredited group Intertek carried out the testing on AML3D’s behalf following interest in its WAM printed high strength steel components.

The testing met all global standards set by defence, resource and automotive sectors and involved printing a series of geometrically shaped samples to be directly compared to metals generated using conventional forging methods.

Results revealed AML3D’s WAM process created a steel product with 10% higher ultimate tensile strength than the same components made via forging.

Testing also showed AML3D’s product contained more than 30% higher ultimate tensile strength than the applicable global standard.

According to AML3D, the ability of its process to deliver “significantly greater strength” with less material is of “particular interest” to the defence, resource and automotive sectors.

“These results, which clearly demonstrate the superiority of our WAM process compared to normal forging techniques, demonstrate what a game changer we have to offer,” AML3D managing director Andrew Sales said.

“The independent, third party validation testing confirmed our own data regarding how WAM metal printing of high strength steel offers significant advantages in strength and weight reduction opportunities compared to other conventional manufacturing techniques.”

He added the company would be discussing these results with its current customers.

AML3D ASX debut

The company floated on the ASX on Monday this week after raising $9 million in an oversubscribed IPO via the issue of 45 million shares at $0.20 each.

AML3D closed its first day on the exchange at $0.15 – down 25%.

However, today’s news has pushed the company’s share price up to $0.18 by mid-morning – up 20% on Thursday’s $0.15 close.

AML3D specialising in commercial large-scale 3D printing services using its welding, robotics, metallurgical and software capabilities.

The company’s WAM 3D printing technology is combined with its WAMSoft proprietary software to fully automate its 3D printing process using advanced robotics.

AML3D’s software enables it to tailor its products to meet the needs of each client.

The company’s Adelaide-based plant is the first wire arc additive manufacturing facility to achieve Lloyds certification.

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