AML3D sells Arcemy 3D printer to RMIT

AML3D ASX AL3 RMIT Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology Arcemy WAM 3D printing
The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology is the second university to purchase one of AML3D’s Arcemy WAM 3D printing units in less than a month.

Additive manufacturer AML3D (ASX: AL3) will bank $400,000 following the sale of one of its Arcemy wire arc manufacturing (WAM) printing units to the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT).

The equipment will be financed by a $350 million Victorian Higher Education State Investment Fund introduced to support universities with capital works, applied research and research partnerships to boost Victoria’s productivity and economy as the state’s tertiary sector recovers from the impacts of COVID-19.

The new unit will complement RMIT’s existing range of 3D printing technologies at its inhouse Centre for Additive Manufacturing.

The university’s team will work with AML3D on installation, commissioning and operator training of the unit which is expected to be used across a number of metal alloy grades for post doctorate research, education and industry-related initiatives.

AML3D’s patented Arcemy unit is capable of 3D printing all metallic alloys up to dimensions of 1.5 cubic metres and a mass of 750 kilograms with an approximate deposition rate of up to 8kg per hour, depending on the material being used.

The unit is certified across a range of welding wire feedstock-based metals, making it significantly more flexible than powder-based printers.

Good opportunity

Managing director Andy Sales said the deal was a good opportunity for AML3D to work closely with the tertiary sector.

“It is encouraging that universities and research institutes see the value in our Arcemy printing modules and educational research into the WAM process,” he said.

“To be able to supply RMIT’s Centre for Additive Manufacturing with our sophisticated integrated wire-based 3D printing unit is exciting and endorsing.”

He said the deal paves the way for AML3D to work closely with other Australian organisations on the delivery of new products and processes based on 3D printing technology.

It will also enable digital manufacturing training for the next generation of engineers.

Welding science

Arcemy combines welding science, robotics automation, materials engineering and proprietary software to form AML3D’s patented WAM process.

The technology utilises the internet of things to produce parts smartly, by depositing molten wire layer by layer, in a controlled manner.

Mr Sales said the concept enables the potential of artificial intelligence and the growth of smart Industry 4.0 manufacturing facilities.

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