AML3D and Lightforce Australia complete phase one testing of next-generation titanium body armour

AML3D ASX AL3 Lightforce Australia next-generation titanium body armour
Once product development and testing has been completed, AML3D and Lightforce will seek to commercialise the body armour.

Recent ASX debutant 3D printing company AML3D Ltd (ASX: AL3) has revealed “excellent” progress in the first stage product testing of customised personal titanium-based body armour with Lightforce Australia.

The duo has completed phase one testing of the “next-generation” titanium body armour.

This allows both companies to move ahead with the next stages of product development.

According to AML3D, its is the “ideal partner” for Lightforce due to its advanced wire additive manufacturing (WAM) technology, which can produce variable, made-to-fit components and plates rapidly.

This was not previous possible using tradition subtractive techniques such as forging and casting.

AML3D claims the WAM produced body armour could potentially provide enhanced strength and reduced weight – resulting in the “highest degree” of protection for defence and law enforcement officers.

“This truly disruptive concept would be a world-first offering in an industry expected to exceed US$3 billion by 2025,” AML3D stated.

The company added commercialisation of this body armour offering could potentially result in “significant contract manufacturing revenues” as Lightforce’s customers increasing adopt the product.

Once product development and testing has been completed, AML3D and Lightforce will seek to establish a commercial contract manufacturing agreement.

ASX launch

AM3D’s securities began training on the ASX in late April after it raised $9 million via the issue of 45 million shares at $0.20 each.

IPO funds are being funnelled into growing production capacity including relocating and expanding the existing Adelaide Contract Manufacturing Centre and establishing another plant in Singapore – to secure exposure the country’s maritime industry and compete for contracts in South East Asia.

AM3D is also targeting other industries where it can provide its WAM-based large-scale metal 3D printing services including its proprietary software WAMSoft.

WAMSoft combines metallurgical science and engineering design to fully automate the 3D printing process utilising advanced robotics technology.

It allows for a tailored approach to client needs by enabling different pathways and welding operations for various products and materials.

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