AML3D achieves several critical milestones on path to commercialising WAM technology

AML3D ASX AL3 Additive Metal Layering 3D printing 2021 Boeing patent Flinders University BAE Systems
AML3D closed out the June quarter with a Boeing contract under its belt, along with the Australian patent for its WAM technology.

The June quarter saw AML3D Limited (ASX: AL3) achieve several key milestones including collaring a contract with leading global aerospace entity Boeing, and securing an Australian patent for its wire additive manufacturing (WAM) technology.

At the end of the period, AML3D revealed Boeing had engaged it to produce a 3D printed mandrel tool from Invar-36 material using its WAM process.

Boeing issued the contract on “standard commercial terms” and AML3D will supply the Invar-36 mandrel tool artifact with a weight of 150kg.

Although the contract was for one tool, AML3D expects it will lead to further agreements after it has showcased its ability to 3D print high quality parts at speed and to customised requirements.

Australian patent granted

Earlier in June, AML3D revealed it had secured the Australian patent for its WAM technology.

The patent covered AML3D’s manufacturing method for a metallic part using any weldable metal by solid freeform fabrication enhanced by an atmospheric protection device and synergic heating and cooling apparatus.

AML3D’s computer-generated 3D models of parts and technology for uploading direction-specific layered models into a welding control system are also protected by the patent.

Flinders University and BAE Systems collaboration

A collaboration was entered into during the June quarter between AML3D, BAE Systems and Flinders University.

Under the deal, AML3D will establish a research and development facility known as the ARCEMY unit at the BAE Systems and Flinders University’s “factory of the future”.

The factory is being constructed in Adelaide’s Tonsley Innovation district and AML3D’s ARCEMY unit will be used for trials and research projects to further develop its large-scale metal additive manufacturing technology.

Ongoing investment in technology, commercialisation focus

AML3D has continued to invest in its technology to optimise its processes.

During the quarter, AML3D noted it had achieved “significant efficacy milestones” regarding software enhancements and developing “plug and play” solutions for its units.

The company has continued to focus on commercialisation its technology and received $384,000 from customers during the June quarter.

This added to total full year cash receipts of $1.2 million from customers.

AML3D also secured $316,000 in R&D tax incentives and $79,000 in government grants.

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