Alta Global expands global fitness industry presence with Steppen acquisition

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By Imelda Cotton - 
Alta Global Steppen fitness app industry

Alta Global has acquired youth fitness app Steppen in an effort to boost its footprint in the fitness industry worldwide.

The strategic acquisition aims to propel the company’s technological capabilities and enrich its offer to gyms, coaches and athletes in martial arts and combat sports gyms.

It supports Alta’s vision to transform fans of mass entertainment mixed martial arts (MMA) into active participants of the sport through curated online and in gym training experiences.

The company plans to continue operating the existing Steppen app and said it would review opportunities to leverage its content expertise and talent to better service the app’s user base.

Membership numbers

Alta founder and chief executive officer Nick Langton hoped the acquisition would increase membership numbers at martial arts and combat sports gyms, which have historically faced challenges in optimising sales channels and engaging new customers.

“The martial arts and combat sports participation sector is poised for incredible growth as interest in MMA at a mass entertainment level surges globally,” he said.

“With the acquisition of Steppen, we are setting the stage for a tech-driven revolution which will allow gyms, coaches and participants to harness the power of technology, fostering deeper connections with their communities.”

Natural fit

He said Steppen’s innovative platform and expertise in fitness content creation would be a natural fit for Alta.

“This acquisition will help accelerate a technology solution that will allow coaches and gym owners to capture, distribute and monetise their proprietary content more effectively,” Mr Langton said.

“This technology will greatly enhance our value proposition and reinforce our mission to uplift the martial arts and combat sports industry globally.”

Bespoke fitness programs

Steppen offers bespoke fitness programs based on individual goals and has been recognised for its proprietary technology.

Since launching in mid-2021, it has racked up more than 400,000 downloads (mostly from within the US) and peaked at fifth place on the health and fitness charts.

Steppen has emerged as a favoured platform for personalised fitness experiences.

Reports show that users have viewed more than 3 million exercise videos and completed over 75,000 workouts since the app was launched.

The app has a current database of over 280,000 users.