Aldoro Resources confirms bedrock conductors at Narndee nickel-copper-PGE target

Aldoro Resources ASX ARN bedrock conductors Narndee nickel PGE
Aldoro Resources says the FLTEM methodology indicates the “strong likelihood” of sulphide mineralisation at Narndee.

Aldoro Resources (ASX: ARN), one of the players hoping to replicate the now famed Julimar nickel-copper-platinium group metals discovery, says early survey results at its Narndee project confirm the presence of bedrock conductors.

In November, having just recently acquired the Western Australian project and only a month after starting work, Aldoro announced it had already identified 16 “major” targets at Narndee.

Of those 16 targets, seven were bedrock conductors and nine were described as broad, deeper anomalies.

All were identified within the core area of the complex.

Now Aldoro reports that early results from its high-power fixed loop ground electromagnetic survey (FLTEM) confirm that there are, indeed, bedrock conductors at Narndee.

‘Strong likelihood’ of sulphide mineralisation

Aldoro says the FLTEM methodology establishes the true conductance levels for those bedrock conductors.

This indicates the “strong likelihood” of sulphides as well as reducing the chances of selecting false-positive anomalies when it gets to the stage of deciding on drilling targets.

Surveying of three targets has now been completed.

Another eight surveys are to be reported.

Aldoro says encouraging results from two of the three targets already surveyed (VC3 and VC5) warrant those being added to the drilling shortlist, while the third (VC2) has been deemed too shallow to be a legitimate drilling target.

At the end of the survey, the bedrock conductors identified will be subject to induced polarisation — 2DIP — surveys to ensure that only “legitimate” targets are drilled.

In October, Aldoro kicked off exploration at Narndee to confirm that it was sitting on a large nickel-copper-PGE deposit.

The company indicated then that it was hoping to emulate the large discoveries made last year by Chalice Gold Mines (ASX: CHN) at Julimar and by Estrella Resources (ASX: ESR) at its Carr Boyd project.

However, this search — unlike Julimar and Carr Boyd — is not close to Perth but 400km northwest of the WA capital and located southeast of the historic gold mining centre of Mount Magnet.

First survey with latest technology

Aldoro has always stated the key to its plans is the improvement in technology since previous work was carried out at Narndee in the 1970s and 2008.

Historic work was completed with then existing electromagnetic (EM) equipment.

In its exploration of Narndee, Aldoro has brought in state of the art, and higher-powered, EM technology.

A former holder of the ground, Maximus Resources  (ASX: MXR), did the earlier-generation EM survey in 2008, then reporting the ground was “highly prospective” for iron, vanadium, copper-zinc, nickel-copper, chromium, gold, PGE metals and uranium.

The complex was also explored by Canadian miner Inco in the 1970s, BHP (ASX: BHP) in the 1980s and by another Canadian, Falconbridge, in the early 2000s.

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