Adveritas releases new TrafficGuard ‘Smart Ranges’ feature to expand customer base

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By Imelda Cotton - 
Adveritas analytics business software ASX AV1 Trafficguard technology

Fraud-prevention software developer Adveritas (ASX: AV1) has released the Smart Ranges development within its flagship TrafficGuard product in an effort to expand its customer value proposition and support contract price increases.

The new feature has been designed specifically for gaming and betting clients to address issues related to sophisticated and large-scale activities related to invalid traffic and fraud.

It is reported to be unique due to its ability to “significantly scale TrafficGuard’s prevention capabilities”.

Initial rollouts have shown promising results, with clients experiencing substantial increases in the return on their investment in digital advertising spend.

Some have reported an increase of 26% following the implementation of Smart Ranges.

Company strategy

Chief executive officer Mat Ratty said the new features align with the company’s strategy of providing valuable solutions to its customer base and enhancing product offerings.

“TrafficGuard’s suite of product solutions has consistently shown our ability to deliver digital anti-fraud solutions on a world stage to major global companies and brands while remaining agile enough to service small to medium enterprises,” he said.

“As the significant benefits to our clients have become increasingly evident, TrafficGuard’s pricing has been adjusted accordingly, resulting in acceleration of our growth trajectory.”

“[We are] balancing this with the need to be fiscally-prudent and identify areas for potential cost savings.”

He said the company anticipates generating incremental revenue from Smart Ranges in the current quarter, marking a “significant milestone” in its efforts to support clients and improve its services.

Agency trials

During the three months to the end of December 2023, Adveritas fielded numerous requests from top-tier advertising agencies across Europe and the Middle East expressing interest in conducting trials with TrafficGuard’s pay-per-click and Google’s Performance Max products.

Mr Ratty said the trials had commenced ahead of schedule and have the potential to quickly scale TrafficGuard’s growth on a global basis.