Adacel Technologies widens air traffic coverage in French overseas territories

Adacel Technologies ASX ADA air traffic management Guadeloupe Martinique Fiji

Industrial technology provider Adacel Technologies (ASX: ADA) has signed a contract to install two new air traffic management (ATM) systems for the French overseas territories of Guadeloupe and Martinique in the Caribbean.

The deal was signed with the Directorate of Air Navigation Services of France (DSNA), to provide air-traffic controllers in Guadeloupe and Martinique with the latest in ATM technology.

Adacel says that its proprietary Aurora systems will provide additional capabilities “including electronic flight strips and advanced flight and surveillance data processing capabilities, as well as airport information displays that help to effectively manage traffic and provide better service to airlines and the travelling public”.

The newly-signed contract follows the successful installation of Adacel’s ATM system in French Guiana in 2016, which saw the ASX-listed company cement its working relationship with the DSNA and pave the way for additional contracts in the Caribbean.

“We are very pleased to sign this contract and, with development work already commenced, look forward to completing the system installation for Guadeloupe in FY2019, followed by Martinique. Furthermore, we look forward to continuing to develop and expand the relationship with [the] DSNA, one that started with the system installation for French Guiana,” said Gary Pearson, CEO of Adacel.

Parallel South Pacific expansion

In addition to today’s news, Adacel recently announced it had signed a A$4 million contract with Airports Fiji, Fiji’s air-traffic operator, to upgrade its ATM system and to provide 10 years of “post-warranty support services.”

Adacel will be responsible for modernizing Fiji’s entire ATM infrastructure by installing its Aurora system, capable of delivering advanced flight surveillance for the entire South Pacific island.

According to Adacel, its Aurora ATM automation system is a global system that manages “all types of airspace and domains from the Oceanic, En Route, Terminal and Approach Sectors to the Control Tower Unit.”

The company also says that its system is scalable and configurable to meet the latest in CNS/ATM technologies with Aurora already being used by Fiji, France, Iceland, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal and the United States.

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