4DS Memory’s latest 300mm wafter batch reveals ‘demonstrable improvements’ on previous iteration

4DS Memory ASX 300mm wafer imec technology
4DS Memory’s latest 300mm wafers show “demonstrable improvement” over the previous Lot 2 batch.

Memory storage technology developer 4DS Memory (ASX: 4DS) has reported ongoing success in its collaboration with imec, with 4DS claiming its recently processed 300mm wafers (Lot 3) had “demonstrable improvements” over the previous batch Lot 2.

Nanoelectronics and digital research hub imec successfully processed the Lot 3 wafers, which have shown improvements in key areas relevant to developing a storage class memory including speed, endurance and retention.

According to 4DS, wafer D10 in Lot 3 demonstrated the best results, with endurance cycling moving into the tens of millions, better retention and endurance without compromising speed.

Additionally, the company has shown the wafers’ compatibility with the backend-of-line temperatures required for integration with imec’s megabit memory platform.

“We are pleased with our Lot 3 results and we look forward to continuing to work closely with imec to reach the ultimate goal of a 1 megabit chip as soon as possible,” 4DS chief executive officer and managing director Dr Guido Arnout said.

“The data from the next wafer lot will be invaluable as we move closer to that goal,” he added.

The next batch of 300mm wafers will be known as Lot 4 and will comprise process condition variations to Lot 3’s wafer D10.

imec will begin developing the next batch within weeks and it will comprise two sets of 23 300mm wafers.

The batch will be processed and analysed in parallel to fast-track to 4DS’ goal of integrating with imec’s 1 megabit memory platform as soon as possible.

Through Lot 4, 4DS expects to further optimise speed, endurance and retention, with results from this batch due before the end of the September quarter.

4DS is also hopeful that Lot 4 will be the final iteration before integration with imec’s megabit memory platform.


4DS now has 20 granted US patents, with a further three awaiting approval regarding its high density storage class memory technology.

Additionally, 4DS has filed an extra 10 patent applications in the US to protect its innovations and to strengthen its IP portfolio which includes interface switching ReRAM for storage class memory close to DRAM.

By early afternoon trade, shares in 4DS were up almost 20% to $0.073.

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