3D Metalforge supplies additive manufactured parts to petrochemicals plant in Singapore

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By Imelda Cotton - 
3D Metalforge ASX 3MF supply additive manufactured parts petrochemicals plant Singapore Royal Dutch Shell Jurong Island

3D Metalforge has successfully delivered heat exchanger parts to Shell’s Jurong Island chemicals manufacturing plant.


Additive manufacturing company 3D Metalforge (ASX: 3MF) has delivered a set of heat exchanger parts to the Shell Jurong Island chemicals manufacturing site in Singapore, owned by oil and gas giant Royal Dutch Shell.

The parts have been supplied under a one-time agreement after Shell Jurong Island’s engineers selected the company’s additive manufacturing process to reduce the required lead time for the components.

3D Metalforge said the parts were able to be delivered in a record timeframe of two weeks from date of order.

The company worked closely with engineers to understand the performance requirements prior to design, production and certification.

The parts were subject to post-production quality review including integrity detection tests to assure they met all specifications.

Heat transfer

Heat exchanger tube components are thin-walled metal tubes inserted into the inlet-end of condensers to transfer heat or help prevent tube failures within the heat exchanger tube.

3D Metalforge aimed to extend the lifespan of Shell Jurong Island’s existing equipment and produce the exchanger replacement parts faster and more cost-effectively.

This would be valuable in time-sensitive situations on-site where downtime or replacement can create a significant impact on operations.

3D Metalforge managing director Matthew Waterhouse said the scope of work demonstrated 3D the company’s commitment to leading the way in the development of new additive manufacturing technologies.

“Our primary goal is to be a trusted service provider [with] custom-engineered solutions and streamlined processes to deliver the faster response and shorter turnaround times that customers need,” he said.

“[We believe] our fit-for-purpose additive manufacturing capabilities can result in significant cost savings for clients [and] this project for Shell Jurong Island is an excellent validation of the benefits of our technology.”

Petrochemical production

Situated on more than 60 hectares, Shell Jurong Island manufactures petrochemicals including ethylene oxide (which is converted into ethylene glycols and high purity ethylene oxide), ethoxylates, styrene monomer, propylene oxide and polyols to meet fast-growing demand for these products throughout the region.

Jurong Island is located approximately 5 kilometres off the southwest coast of Singapore and is linked to the mainland by the Jurong Island Highway.

Secure and inaccessible to the public, the site is the centrepiece of Singapore’s chemicals industry and home to more than 100 international petroleum, petrochemicals, and specialty chemicals and manufacturing companies.