3D Metalforge gains industry re-certification from Lloyd’s Register

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By Imelda Cotton - 
3D Metalforge ASX 3MF additive manufacturing printing

3D Metalforge will use the IPO proceeds to expand internationally, boost production capacity and refine its proprietary additive manufacturing technology.


Additive manufacturer 3D Metalforge (ASX: 3MF) has been re-certified by Lloyd’s Register for the production of metal parts to safety standards dictated by Lloyds and The Welding Institute (TWI) Global.

The company’s equipment was assessed and re-certified for its conformance to product safety and quality assurance, confirming legal requirements have been satisfied and parts are suitable for their application.

Its manufacturing facilities also conformed to the requirements for equipment and processes for the receipt, storage and handling of feedstock, and for additive manufacturing process and build control.

3D Metalforge is one of only seven organisations to be re-certified by Lloyds and the achievement is considered an endorsement of quality in-house technologies and processes.

3D safety project

Lloyd’s and TWI created a joint industry project in 2016 to help manufacturers establish the safety of 3D printed parts and pave the way for more widespread adoption of additive manufacturing technology.

The project provides goal-based guidelines for the certification of parts produced using an additive manufacturing process including powder bed fusion by laser or electron beam, directed energy deposition by laser, and wire arc additive manufacturing (which 3D Metalforge specialises in).

“The guidelines have been designed for any business interested in starting their additive manufacturing journey that needs to understand how qualification and certification requirements compare with conventional manufacturing processes, or for those already [in the business] and want to qualify their processes or certify their materials and/or parts,” Lloyds said in a statement last year.

“They are also valuable for organisations who sub-contract any element of their manufacturing to a supplier using additive manufacturing, so they can understand what is required for certification.”

Continuous improvement

3D Metalforge managing director Matthew Waterhouse said certification to LR-TWI standards demonstrates a commitment to continuous improvement and sustainable business performance.

“Being perceived as a qualified supplier meets the [specifications] of many customer contracts and is widely used as a supply-chain requirement,” he said.

“This certification supports our relationships with our partners, many of which are large international firms requiring these qualifications … it is also expected to widen our exposure to commercial opportunities with future customers.”

Customer benefits

Mr Waterhouse said 3D Metalforge’s customers would continue to benefits from performance improvements, including greater operational efficiencies and reliability and quality of processes and products.

It would contribute to enhancing stakeholder and customer trust, and building brand confidence.

“We continue to work towards providing greater value to our customers through new and innovative manufacturing solutions,” he said.

“We are working to make a “greener” and more sustainable ecosystem, providing customers with better additive manufacturing solutions that are helping meet their changing supply chain, sustainability and component manufacturing challenges.”