3D Metalforge expands 3D printing capability

3D Metalforge ASX 3MF Impeller printing Hastelloy additive manufacturing Hitachi Metals Singapore Mat21
3D Metalforge has been working with Hitachi Metals in Singapore to widen its range of advanced additive metal powders.

Additive manufacturing company 3D Metalforge (ASX: 3MF) has expanded its 3D printing capability in new high performance metal powders, announcing a new material customised for additive manufacturing, MAT21.

The company has been working with Hitachi Metals Singapore to widen its range of 3D metal powders and has successfully printed an impeller for an oil and gas customer using the new MAT21 material.

According to 3D Metalforge, MAT21 is an alloy with more superior properties than stainless steel and high corrosion resistance under various conditions. It is a Hastelloy grade alloy with an outstanding resistance to pitting and crevice corrosions as compared to C-22 and C-276, and can be used to replace any of these.

Oil and gas parts printing

3D Metalforge said it will continue working with Hitachi Metals to enhance its value proposition for oil and gas parts printing, which requires high performance quality such as high corrosion resistance and high strength.

Previously, companies operating in the oil and gas sector have struggled to find a solution for their additively manufactured Hallestoy requirements.

The availability and printability of the MAT21 powder has allowed the customer to compare and qualify the component, 3D Metalforge reported.

“The customer now has a readily available solution for Hallestoy parts and may also consider upgrading some parts for improved corrosion resistance. The print job is consistent with 3D Metalforge’s focus on making technological advancements and becoming a leader in additive manufacturing technologies,” the company stated.

Increasing competitive advantage

3D Metalforge managing director Matthew Waterhouse said the ability to print in new materials and with an increased selection of powders increases the company’s competitive advantage.

“With our proprietary processes and capabilities, we continue to enable the production of high-demand industrial parts faster, better and more cost effectively than traditional manufacturing,” he said.

“We look forward to helping accelerate the adoption of additive manufacturing and create value through our materials and processes.”

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