Windlab generating significant buzz in renewable energy

Windlab ASX WND generating renewable energy Lakeland wind farm

Generating ample amounts of wind-generated power needn’t be based on guesswork; that’s the view of renewable energy company Windlab (ASX: WND) which is applying tech-powered selection criteria to establish the most amenable sites for its wind farms.

The company’s self-admitted intention is to “Apply science to develop, construct and operate better wind energy projects around the world”.

According to Windlab, its technological advantage has enabled it to amass a portfolio of high-quality wind farm development sites totalling 1,093 megawatts (MW) of capacity across North America, Australia, New Zealand and Southern Africa, generating over 6.5 million megawatt hours (MWh) of energy — and the developer is eyeing to create a further 7,406MW over the foreseeable future.

As part of its development and growth in the Australian renewables sector, Windlab announced today that it has entered into a connection agreement with Ergon Energy to connect the 100MW Lakeland Wind Farm to the electricity network.

The Lakeland Wind Farm will be located 60km south-west of Cooktown on the Cape York Peninsula with the wind farm now approved to erect up to 30 wind turbines and install the required infrastructure to connect the project to the national grid.

It is expected to have a “name plate capacity of around 100MW” subject to final turbine type selection and site optimisation.

According to Windlab, the wind farm will generate sufficient energy to power 50,000 Australian households with construction scheduled to begin in the second half of this year.

“Connection to the grid, along with receipt of a development approval are the two most critical milestones in successfully completing a wind farm development,” said Roger Price, executive chairman and chief executive officer of Windlab.

In the slipstream

Windlab’s existing set of projects is leading the field in Australia. One of its most anticipated projects is the Coopers Gap Wind Farm, a 453MW wind energy project to be located at Cooranga North, approximately 180km north-west of Brisbane, Queensland.

Upon completion in 2019, it will be Australia’s largest wind farm. As the largest Wind Farm in Australia, Cooper’s Gap Wind Farm will generate approximately 1.5 million MWh of electricity per year, enough to power 250,000 Australian households.

Furthermore, Windlab recently reached a significant milestone of commencing construction of the first utility-scale wind, solar and storage hybrid generator connected to the national electricity network near Hughenden in North West Queensland.

Construction of the ground-breaking A$160 million Kennedy Park Energy began late last year and once completed later this year, will be the world’s first “utility-scale hybrid wind, solar and storage project”. The project is currently under construction and expected to become operational later this year.

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