Titomic unveils ‘world’s largest and fastest’ metal 3D printer

Titomic ASX TTT world’s largest fastest metal 3D printer
Titomic has launched the world’s largest and fastest metal 3D printer at its new state-of-the-art facility in Melbourne.

Disruptive titanium technology creator Titomic Ltd (ASX: TTT) has unveiled what it claims to be the “world’s largest and fastest” metal 3D printer at an official launch in Melbourne.

The printer was developed in collaboration with Australia’s CSIRO and comprises a patented additive manufacturing process, which bypasses size and speed constraints found in other 3D metal printers.

Titomic claims its printer “will transform the future of advanced manufacturing”.

“We’re proud to be an Australian company who has successfully co-developed with CSIRO a new way of manufacturing, which can utilise the abundant titanium mineral sands resources of Australia,” Titomic chief executive officer Jeff Lang said.

“We will challenge the traditional methods as to how products are designed and made for aviation, space, defence, marine, infrastructure, transportation, consumer goods as well as other key industries around the world,” Mr Lang added.

Titomic’s proprietary kinetic fusion process enables titanium and titanium alloy particles to be sprayed at supersonic speed onto a frame. When the titanium reaches critical speed, the particles undergo plastic deformation and create the coating or structure.

The process enables dissimilar metals to be joined and incorporated in a structure. It also allows stronger structures to be created without welding, folding or bending, resulting in reduced time to market.

One of the primary advantages is the process facilitates the use of titanium, which comes from abundant mineral sands deposits. When titanium minerals are developed into titanium metal, they form a light-weight very strong material with exceptional corrosion resistance.

Because of these properties, titanium metal is often used in aerospace, medicine and other high-end applications.

However, until now the traditional method of developing titanium metal is energy intensive and cost prohibitive, limiting its consumption to high-end applications.

Titomic’s kinetic fusion process offers an alternative route for incorporating the metal into every day products including bicycles and gold clubs.

Fincantieri collaboration on shipbuilding

Earlier this week, Titomic executed a partnership with Fincantieri Australia to incorporate Titomic’s kinetic fusion process into Fincantieri’s manufacturing activities.

The duo’s will work together for 12 months to investigate ways Titomic’s technology can enhance efficiencies at Fincantieri.

Callaway Golf Company

The agreement with Fincantieri follows Titomic’s alliance with the world’s largest gold club manufacturer Callaway Golf Company, which is another collaborative effort using Titomic’s kinetic fusion technology.

Under this agreement, Titomic and Callaway plan to develop new products for the world’s golf market.

“This agreement establishes a strategic alliance with the intention of incorporating our Titomic kinetic fusion additive manufacturing process into the manufacturing of golfing accessories and will be carried out at our new state of the art Melbourne facility, which houses the world’s largest 3D metal printer,” Mr Lang said.

Commenting on today’s launch, Titomic chairman Philip Vafiadis said traditional industry manufacturers now have an avenue to evolve beyond traditional processes and the economics that have constrained them from incorporating titanium.

Shares in Titomic rose again on today’s news to hit A$2.74 by midday – a 1.48% gain.

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