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Zoono Group ASX ZNO hand sanitiser Z-71 microbe shied surface

Zoono reveals prosperous April driven by mounting demand for sanitisers

Antimicrobial hand and surface sanitiser company Zoono (ASX: ZNO) has impressed investors yet again, with news its business-to-business sales had exceeded NZ$11 million (A$10.34 million) for April – b...
Zoono Group RestorX Australia Johns Lyng Group ASX ZNO JLG

Zoono inks sanitiser deal with Johns Lyng Group

Biotech company Zoono Group (ASX: ZNO) has clinched an exclusive deal with Australian builder Johns Lyng Group (ASX: JLG) for the distribution of sanitisers that have tested 99.99% effective against a...
Zoono surface sanitiser effective against coronavirus ASX ZNO COVID-19

Zoono surface sanitiser proves 99.99% effective against coronavirus

Laboratory tests conducted by Zoono Group (ASX: ZNO) on its Z-71 Microbe Shield surface sanitiser have confirmed the product to be more than 99.99% effective against feline coronavirus, a surrogate of...
Eagle Health Holdings Zoono Group China distribution agreement ASX ZNO EHH

Zoono and Eagle Health prepare for co-branded response to ongoing Coronavirus pandemic

Zoono Group (ASX: ZNO) has signed an agreement with Eagle Health (ASX: EHH) to distribute co-branded antimicrobial products and offline retail sales in China to help the country combat the coronavirus...
Zoono coronavirus ASX ZNO share price COVID-19 outbreak

Zoono shares soar as world races to shield against coronavirus

Antimicrobial company Zoono Group (ASX: ZNO) is one of a few biotech stocks appearing to benefit from the latest outbreak of coronavirus, now being named COVID-19, with its shares surging dramatically...
Zoono China Coronavirus ASX ZNO childcare hotel distribution agreement

Zoono signs distribution deal to supply antimicrobial products to Chinese markets

Global biotech company Zoono Group (ASX: ZNO) has signed a five-year distribution agreement with Beijing Youmeng Technology and Development Limited for the supply of antimicrobial skin and surface spr...
Coronavirus Zoono ASX ZNO

Zoono ramps up production in anticipation its antimicrobial sanitisers can destroy coronavirus

As the coronavirus unfolds worldwide, antimicrobial product producer Zoono Group (ASX: ZNO) revealed its confidence in being part of the solution in preventing the spread of the virus and potential ne...
Zoono Group ASX ZNO China International Trading agribusiness veterinarian animal feed sector

Zoono to sell swine flu treatment in China

Biotech company Zoono (ASX: ZNO) is setting up a distribution company to sell its products including swine flu treatments to farmers, food producers and processors in China. The move follows six mo...
African Swine Fever Zoono ASX ZNO Z71 Microbe Shield virus

Zoono delivers an effective tool in response to growing African swine fever epidemic

Biotech company Zoono (ASX: ZNO) has announced that its proprietary microbe shield, ZOONO Z71, was found to be “extremely effective” in counteracting the African Swine Fever (ASF) virus. In researc...
Zoono Group ASX ZNO distribution agreement Guangzhou Sanchengyun

Zoono signs five-year exclusive online sales deal with Chinese distributor

Global bio-technology company Zoono Group (ASX: ZNO) has signed a sales and distribution agreement with Guangzhou Sanchengyun Trade Co Ltd for the sale of Zoono-branded products online in China. Un...
Zoono Group ASX ZNO MicroSonic Turtle Wax automotive car care cruise

Zoono Group signs ‘significant’ 10-year supply agreement for antimicrobial product

Biotech company Zoono Group (ASX: ZNO) has signed a “significant agreement” with MicroSonic LLC to supply its innovative antimicrobial product into automotive and cruise industries. Both Zoono and ...