Yojee ASX YOJ Geodis Singapore Asia Pacific logistics

Yojee signs SaaS deal with Asian logistics giant, increases Asia Pacific footprint

Australian digital logistics company Yojee (ASX: YOJ) has locked in a three-year master services agreement with global logistics provider Geodis Singapore Pte Ltd, giving...
Yojee ASX YOJ Aero Line Services Malaysia second largest financial institution

Yojee extends deal to help service Malaysia’s second largest financial institution

Digital logistics company Yojee (ASX: YOJ) is set to make a deeper foray into Asian markets after announcing an exclusive agreement that will help service Malaysia’s second...
Yojee ASX YOJ Riverwood logistics Singapore

Yojee welcomes new client as digital logistics continues its industrial appeal

Digital logistics company Yojee (ASX: YOJ) continuing to march onwards and upwards in its bid to streamline operational logistics for businesses. After a string of deals...
Yojee ASX YOJ signs deal logistics DB Schenker

Yojee signs provisional deal with logistics giant DB Schenker

Digital logistics company Yojee (ASX: YOJ) has entered into a services agreement with DB Schenker Asia Pacific, as the first stage of a potential...
Yojee ASX YOJ UPS logistics

UPS pilots Yojee technology and sets flightpath towards blockchain powered efficiency

Digital logistics company Yojee (ASX: YOJ) has signed a pilot services agreement with UPS Asia Group, a subsidiary of the United Parcel Service (UPS),...
Yojee ASX YOJ China Sinotrans Integrated Logistics Australia SILA

Chinese giant SILA selects Yojee as its logistics software partner

One of Australia’s fastest-developing digital logistics companies, Yojee (ASX: YOJ), has struck a partnership agreement with ‘Sinotrans Integrated Logistics Australia’ (SILA), part of China’s...
Yojee ASX YOJ blockchain technology integration

Yojee integrates blockchain technology into its product offering

Yojee (ASX: YOJ), a digital logistics and transportation management company based in WA, has completed the first round of live testing for its blockchain-based...
Yojee ASX YOJ Singapore freight last mile logistics network

Yojee grows Singapore last mile logistics network 700% in six months

Yojee (ASX: YOJ) has reported “significant growth” of almost 700% in the last six months for its Singapore-based last mile logistics network. Using artificial intelligence...
Yojee ASX contract Scharff FedEx

Yojee secures contract with Scharff, part of FedEx global network

Technology stock Yojee (ASX: YOJ) has clinched a deal with freight forwarder Scharff International Courier and Cargo SA, which will implement Yojee’s logistics software...