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Fertiliser prices forecast Ukraine Russia war surging cost of fuel oil food crisis

Rocketing fertiliser prices forecast to continue amid war and surging cost of fuel

As the Russian and Ukraine war continues to play out, almost every sector is feeling the ripple effect, with energy prices among the first to surge, but fertiliser products and their raw ingredients a...
Pharmacies in Australia ASX Australian Pharmaceutical Industries Priceline Sigma Amcal Guardian ASX API SIG

Huge battle brewing over the future direction of pharmacies in Australia

During the COVID-19 pandemic, a trip to the pharmacy became one of the few shopping highlights that was allowed during the many lockdowns. However, it wasn’t just shoppers who were taking notice of...
Dividends share buybacks pay money growth stocks shareholders companies ASX

Get bigger or pay money to shareholders – the choice facing companies

It has been a great time to be a shareholder with Australian companies increasingly stuffed with cash which they will now be looking to put to use. Those shareholders may selfishly hope that a lot ...
Manganese battery metal ASX

Manganese: the next hot battery metal

Move over lithium, graphite, cobalt and copper: manganese is fast emerging as the next battery metal story to titillate investors. The back story is similar: with manganese usage dominated by China...
Pointerra ASX 3DP Wesfarmers Decipher 3D geospatial data technology

Wesfarmers’ subsidiary Decipher licences Pointerra’s 3D data technology

Wesfarmers’ (ASX: WES) Decipher business will licence Pointerra’s (ASX: 3DP) 3D data technology to provide unique insights to customers across agriculture, waste and mining sectors. According to Po...
Wesfarmers Kidman Resources ASX KDR WES lithium takeover bid

Wesfarmers lines up Kidman Resources as latest takeover target

Kidman Resources (ASX: KDR) has become Wesfarmers’ (ASX: WES) latest takeover target after the conglomerate lobbed a $776 million bid for the advanced lithium explorer. Today’s bid come less than t...
Wesfarmers rare earths takeover bid Lynas Corp ASX WES LYC

Wesfarmers eyes rare earths market with $1.5b takeover bid for Lynas Corp

Wesfarmers Limited (ASX: WES) has made a surprise $1.5 billion grab for rare earths miner Lynas Corporation (ASX: LYC), offering Lynas shareholders a cash price of $2.25 per Lynas share, representing ...
Wesfarmers ASX WES Coles COL Bunnings profit dividend 2019

Wesfarmers shows it’s better off without Coles, rewards shareholders with special dividend

Wesfarmers (ASX: WES) is looking like a new and much more exciting company after it slimmed down and divested itself of Coles (ASX: COL). It is not just the special dividend of $1 a share that acco...