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Weebit Nano SiEn ASX WBT memory technology

Weebit Nano and SiEn to jointly investigate non-volatile memory opportunities

Semiconductor company Weebit Nano (ASX: WBT) has signed a letter of intent with Chinese company SiEn (QingDao) Integrated Circuits to jointly investigate ways in which Weebit’s technology can be used ...
Weebit Nano ASX WBT Silvaco next generation ReRAM technology silicon oxide memory

Weebit Nano strikes collaboration agreement with Silvaco towards next generation of ReRAM technology

Semiconductor developer Weebit Nano (ASX: WBT) has taken a definitive step towards commercialising its ground-breaking silicon oxide (SiOx) memory technology after announcing a Development Program Par...
Weebit Nano ASX WBT data retention storage

Weebit Nano looks to develop next generation of data storage

Semiconductor developer Weebit Nano (ASX: WBT) is a step closer to developing the most avant-garde type of memory ever created, underpinned by continued miniaturisation and sporting advanced “must-hav...
Weebit Nano ASX WBT ReRAM memory chip

Weebit Nano packages first ReRAM memory chip

Israel-based Weebit Nano (ASX: WBT) has moved closer to commercialising its silicon oxide resistive random access memory (ReRAM) technology with the production of the first memory chips for shipping t...
Weebit Nano ASX WBT ReRAM memory technology

Weebit Nano achieves significant milestone in pursuit of next generation of ReRAM memory

Semiconductors are on a path to greater efficiency and even further miniaturisation after Weebit Nano (ASX: WBT) announced that it had reached a significant milestone in the development of its ReRAM t...
Weebit Nano ASX WBT Leti ReRam technology memory

Weebit Nano looks to production stage for cutting-edge 40nm memory array ReRAM technology

Semiconductor developer Weebit Nano (ASX: WBT) has extended its agreement with partner Leti first signed in 2016, the French research institute, to aid in the development and optimisation of its groun...
Weebit Nano ASX WBT memory technology

Weebit Nano takes another step towards next generation of memory technology

Semiconductor developer Weebit Nano (ASX: WBT), has updated the market with successful early results regarding its first 4Kb array wafers on 40nm memory size, and demonstrating a capability of “more t...
Weebit Nano ASX WBT ReRam memory cells

Weebit Nano achieves working memory cells ahead of schedule

Computer memory technology developer Weebit Nano (ASX: WBT) has achieved its milestone of 40-nanometre working memory cells one month ahead of schedule. The Israel-based company today reported meas...