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Australian explorers Sweden energy metals ASX

Australian explorers return to Sweden in the hunt for energy metals

Australia has the right mix of metals to be a leader in the electric vehicle rush, but Sweden has an equally good mineral mix and a better location for access to the world’s leading car makers which i...
Talga Resources ASX TLG Bentley Motors e-axle OCTOPUS graphene

Talga Resources to use graphene technology for new e-axle to be developed by Bentley Motors

Talga Resources (ASX: TLG) will develop and provide graphene materials for high-performance aluminium motor windings as luxury car maker Bentley works on its new e-axle. The e-axle concept combines...
Talga Resources ASX TLG graphene coating trial Talcoat enhanced primer

Talga Resources trials Talcoat’s performance in coating for cargo ship

Talga Resources (ASX: TLG) has kicked-off a large-scale commercial trial using its Talcoat graphene additive in maritime coatings. The company’s Talcoat product is made from its patent pending grap...
Talga Resources ASX TLG preliminary feasibility study results Vittangi graphite project lithium-ion production scheduled 2020

Talga Resources reports positive study results for Vittangi graphite project, production scheduled for 2020

Australian advanced materials technology company Talga Resources (ASX:TLG) has reported “highly positive” results – including a pre-tax net present value of $1.5 billion – from a preliminary feasibili...
Talga Resources ASX TLG graphene silicon battery optimisation anode

Graphene-silicon battery optimisation tests yield higher capacity results for Talga Resources

Australian advanced materials technology company Talga Resources (ASX:TLG) has reported further performance gains from optimisation tests involving its graphene-silicon, lithium-ion battery anode prod...
Talga Resources ASX TLG graphite anode ultra fast charge lithium-ion battery testing

Talga Resources continues to beat commercial benchmark with ‘ultra-fast charge’ battery

A lithium-ion battery anode product developed by Talga Resources (ASX: TLG) has achieved “ultra-fast” charge rates in new battery testing, successfully outperforming a competitive commercial product. ...
Talga Resources ASX TLG graphite anode NMC cathode cells

Talga Resources’ graphite anode material beats ‘leading’ anode product in lithium-ion battery tests

Testing on Talga Resources’ (ASX: TLG) graphite anode material in lithium-ion batteries has come up trumps against the current leading anode graphite. Part of the University of Warwick, independent...
Talga Resources ASX TLG Aitik mine cobalt copper Boliden

Talga Resources sets up new business to manage Swedish cobalt assets

Talga Resources (ASX: TLG) is establishing a new separate company to look after its cobalt projects in northern Sweden, including the largest cobalt deposit in the country – Kiskama. The Australian...