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Silver price bonanza 2022 record demand 2021

Silver to have bonanza 2022 after record demand last year

The Washington-based Silver Institute is forecasting demand for silver this year to set a record of 1.112 billion ounces, which is after turning in an estimated 1.029Boz in 2021 — itself a new record....
Silver supply mines Australia ASX commodity shortage

Silver supply doubts grow as Australia gears up to bring on mines

Signs are emerging that the silver sector is facing a shake-up — and one that could play into the hands of primary producers of the metal. This is coming at a time when Australia’s silver sector ha...
Silver squeeze stocks short Reddit supply WallStreetBets physical

Australian silver stocks soar after Reddit crowd turns attention to squeezing metal supply

It turns out that surges in silver stock prices and volumes on Friday at the ASX was just a curtain-raiser for Monday’s action. After a weekend of a news flood that the Reddit crowd — who haven’t y...
Thomson Resources ASX TMZ Silver Mines SVL Webbs Conrad

Thomson Resources joins the silver rush, buys two NSW projects

Gold and tin explorer Thomson Resources (ASX: TMZ) is joining the growing primary silver exploration sector by acquiring two historic mine projects in northern NSW, once Australia’s silver elephant co...
Silver mine production 2020 COVID-19 global output drop

Silver mine production faces challenges due to COVID-19, global output to drop 6.4%

With the silver price soaring as safe haven demand kicks in among investors comes the news that mine output is certainly going to be disrupted in 2020 due to the global pandemic — but no one knows how...
Silver Mines ASX SVL Bowdens NSW drilling resource

Silver Mines increases drilling at Bowdens targeting high-grade silver below proposed pit

Silver Mines (ASX: SVL) is expanding the diamond drilling campaign at its Bowdens NSW project to up to 10,000m as a fast-rising silver price will mean increased investor focus on potential new explora...
Silver Mines ASX SVL Bowdens Australia’s largest silver project

Silver Mines’ Bowdens EIS looks promising as company advances Australia’s largest silver project

Silver Mines (ASX: SVL) is finalising its environmental impact statement (EIS) in readiness for developing its Bowdens Silver project, which hosts Australia’s largest undeveloped silver deposit, and i...
Silver Mines ASX SVL Bowdens feasibility

Silver Mines unveils feasibility results for Bowdens silver mine

Silver Mines (ASX: SVL) has unveiled a feasibility study for its wholly-owned Bowdens silver project in New South Wales, which estimates a 16-year open-pit operation at an annual production rate of 2 ...