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Sparc Technologies ASX SPN graphene Protective & Marine coatings epoxy ecosparc

Sparc Technologies’ graphene-based additives primed for commercialisation

South Australian-based Sparc Technologies (ASX: SPN) has reported an improvement of up to 40% in the anti-corrosive performance of its graphene-based additives with atmospheric epoxy coatings followin...
Chalice Mining ASX CHN maiden resource Gonneville nickel copper platinum surrounding explorers discovery

Chalice Mining debuts ‘tier-one’ maiden resource for Gonneville as surrounding explorers hope for similar discovery

Western Australia’s Julimar region has seen a resurgence in exploration activity following Chalice Mining’s (ASX: CHN) initial Gonneville discovery in early 2020, with the company revealing a “tier-on...
Sparc Technologies ASX SPN ultra green hydrogen University of Adelaide

Sparc Technologies and University of Adelaide team up to develop commercial-scale ultra-green hydrogen

Emerging graphene-based product developer Sparc Technologies (ASX: SPN) has announced it will collaborate with the University of Adelaide on a unique technology which will deliver next-generation ther...
Sparc Technologies anti-corrosion graphene based additives ASX SPN 2021

Sparc Technologies’ anti-corrosion tests bring graphene-based additives closer to market

Perth-based Sparc Technologies (ASX: SPN) has moved closer to confirming the commercial suitability of its graphene-based additives for industrial applications following a series of positive anti-corr...
Sparc Technologies ASX SPN graphene additives anti corrosion steel

New tests show Sparc Technologies’ graphene additives can boost anti-corrosion performance by 62%

Recent testwork by Sparc Technologies (ASX: SPN) has demonstrated the company’s proprietary graphene-based additives can substantially improve the corrosion performance of commercially-available coati...
Sparc Technologies ASX SPN remediation JBS&G adsorption of PFAS

Sparc Technologies gets set to test its functionalised graphene in real-life settings

Perth-based Sparc Technologies (ASX: SPN) has entered into an agreement with Australian environmental remediation company JBS&G to allow for the testing of its proprietary functionalised graphene ...
Sparc Technologies ASX SPN patent graphene remediation environment contaminants mercury arsenic heavy metals

Sparc Technologies closer to commercialising graphene-based environmental remediation technology following US patent

Sparc Technologies (ASX: SPN) has collared the US patent for its graphene-based environmental remediation technology, paving the way for commercialisation plans to progress. According to Sparc, the...
Sparc Technologies ASX SPN Mike Bartels May 2021

Sparc Technologies executes agreements with ‘major industry players’

Sparc Technologies (ASX: SPN) has executed a “significant number” of non-disclosure agreements with “major industry players” as it fast-tracks commercialisation plans for its graphene technologies and...
Sparc Technologies ASX SPN Per polyfluoroalkyl substances Polyamine modified reduced Graphene Oxide

Sparc Technologies graphene-based adsorptions materials again effective against PFAS contaminants

Further testing of Sparc Technologies’ (ASX: SPN) graphene-based absorption materials has demonstrated what the company describes as “consistently higher performance” than a current industry leading a...
Sparc Technologies ASX SPN graphene coatings antibacterial antimicrobial Flinders University Adelaide

Sparc Technologies unveils ‘outstanding’ anti-microbial results using graphene additives in coatings

Sparc Technologies (ASX: SPN) has unveiled what it describes as “outstanding results” from test work, which found its graphene-based additives had anti-microbial properties when included in coatings. ...
Mike Bartels Sparc Technologies ASX SPN

Sparc Technologies appoints coatings industry stalwart as new CEO

Emerging graphene-based product developer Sparc Technologies (ASX: SPN) has appointed former Sherwin-Williams and Akzo Nobel identity Mike Bartels to the role of chief executive officer responsible fo...
Sparc Technologies ASX SPN graphene gold silver precious metals recovery

Sparc Technologies demonstrates ‘significant’ recovery of gold and silver using graphene-based tailings treatment

Sparc Technologies (ASX: SPN) has reported results of test work on the recovery of gold and silver that shows its graphene-enhanced adsorption material “substantially outperforms” commercially availab...
Sparc Technologies SPN ASX PFAS contaminants poly-fluorinated alkyl substances graphene

Sparc Technologies’ testing confirms improvement potential for chemically-damaged environments using graphene

Sparc Technologies (ASX: SPN) has reported a 100% improvement in environmental remediation following the first round of laboratory tests on the ability of graphene-based materials to fix water contami...
Sparc Technologies ASX SPN graphene additive formulae coatings anti-corrosive marine protective

Sparc Technologies delivers ‘significant’ performance boost to coatings with graphene additives

Sparc Technologies (ASX: SPN) has revealed what it describes as “significant performance improvement” in its graphene-based coatings. In collaboration with the University of Adelaide in South Austr...
Sparc Technologies ASX SPN non-invasive disease detection devices humans animals graphene bio-medical sensor

Sparc Technologies to develop non-invasive disease detection devices for humans and animals

Sparc Technologies (ASX: SPN) has launched a graphene bio-medical sensor division to establish non-invasive disease sensing devices for humans and animals. Ben Yerbury has joined Sparc and will hea...
Sparc Technologies Don Darkin ASX SPN ResMed graphene

Sparc Technologies welcomes experienced inventor as advisor for graphene innovations

Emerging graphene-based product developer Sparc Technologies (ASX: SPN) has announced the appointment of experienced inventor Don Darkin to the role of strategic advisor for new technologies. Mr Da...
Sparc Technologies ASX SPN graphene technology

Sparc Technologies brings new graphene technology to the ASX

Sparc Technologies (ASX: SPN) is getting set to make its ASX debut this month via a reverse takeover by former listed coal developer Acacia Coal (ASX: AJN). Following its recently announced $5.9 mi...