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Strategic Elements ASX SOR Australian Advanced Material self-charging battery ink technology Nanocube Memory Ink

Strategic Elements tops up cash reserves, subsidiary fast-tracks self-charging battery ink technology

Strategic Elements’ (ASX: SOR) subsidiary Australian Advanced Materials will accelerate development of its self-charging battery technology. The accelerated development will be done in collaboratio...
Strategic Elements ASX SOR self charging battery technology graphene

Strategic Elements subsidiary develops self-charging ink battery

Pooled development fund Strategic Elements (ASX: SOR) has announced its subsidiary Australian Advanced Materials is developing an ink battery that is able to self-charge within minutes. The cells w...
Strategic Elements Stealth Technologies automation 3D weed mapping ASX SOR agriculture

Strategic Elements subsidiary to develop automated weed detection and management device for agricultural sector

Pooled development fund Strategic Elements (ASX: SOR) has announced its subsidiary Stealth Technologies will leverage existing 3D mapping and localisation technology to develop an automated weed detec...
Strategic Elements SOR ASX Honeywell Autonomous Security Vehicle agreement

Strategic Elements’ subsidiary Stealth Technologies reports autonomous vehicle has successfully completed user acceptance testing

Strategic Elements’ (ASX: SOR) subsidiary Stealth Technologies’ autonomous security vehicle has passed user acceptance testing, paving the way for the Western Australia Department of Justice to adopt ...
Strategic Elements ASX SOR Nanocube printable memory technology subsidiary Australian Advanced Materials CSIRO

Strategic Elements’ subsidiary wins government funding for Nanocube printable memory device project

A $1.06 million collaborative project between the University of NSW, the CSIRO and a subsidiary of pooled development fund Strategic Elements (ASX: SOR) aimed at developing next generation, low-cost p...
Strategic Elements ASX SOR patents Autonomous Robotics Technology 3D printing

Strategic Elements files patents for autonomous robotics technology

Innovation investor Strategic Elements (ASX: SOR) has filed three patents over autonomous robotics technology being developed by its subsidiary Stealth Technologies that has potential commercial use i...
Strategic Elements Honeywell ASX SOR Autonomous Security Vehicle Collaboration WA Prison

Strategic Elements’ subsidiary Stealth Technologies and Honeywell to create autonomous security vehicle for WA prison

Strategic Elements’ (ASX: SOR) wholly-owned Stealth Technologies has secured a collaborative deal to develop a fully autonomous security vehicle for the Eastern Goldfields Regional Prison in Western A...
Strategic Elements ASX SOR Stealth Technologies artificial intelligence robotics SaaS mining industry

Strategic Elements signs agreement to supply artificial intelligence and robotics solutions to mining industry

Perth-based Strategic Elements (ASX: SOR) has signed a joint venture agreement with local business optimisation specialist Global Integrated Operations to apply its artificial intelligence technology ...
Strategic Elements ASX SOR Honeywell investee Stealth Technologies AI robotics

Strategic Elements investee agrees to develop AI and robotics solutions with US giant Honeywell

Pooled development fund Strategic Elements (ASX: SOR) has announced a significant step forward for one its existing investees, Stealth Technologies – a company specialising in developing artificial in...
Strategic Elements ASX SOR artificial intelligence computer vision technologies

Strategic Elements launches new company to develop artificial intelligence and computer vision technologies

Pooled development fund Strategic Elements (ASX: SOR) has launched an artificial intelligence and robotics company designed to custom-build its own systems and collaborate with commercial and governme...
Pooled development funds ASX

ASX-listed pooled development funds offer investors tax benefits

Astute investors weigh up the pros and cons before putting their hard earned money behind a company, and what appeals to people who invest in pooled development funds (PDFs) is the availability of gen...
Strategic Elements ASX SOR magnetic ring structure exploration Ilkurka Lennis projects

Magnetic ring structure prompts further exploration for Strategic Elements at Ilkurka and Lennis projects

A gravity survey program by Strategic Elements (ASX: SOR) at its Ilkurka and Lennis projects in Western Australia’s Officer Basin has identified “very large dense bodies of material” buried within a m...