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Car Parking space motoring post pandemic ASX invest smart

That’s the ticket: snaring a prime parking spot ahead of the post-pandemic motoring revival

As the pandemic lockdowns grind on, investing in the car parking sector looks a decidedly dead-end option given the expanses of vacant lots across the affected regions. The situation is unlikely to...
Cyber protection security stocks family zone safety Smoothwall ASX

Action in the family cyber protection space – is there more to come?

Head of cyber filtering mob Family Zone Cyber Safety (ASX: FZO), Tim Levy is bemused by the lack of cyber protection policies covering schools and parents, particularly when home schooling became the ...
SenSen Networks City of Las Vegas licence plate recognition technology traffic ASX SNS Senforce

SenSen Networks wins multi-year licence plate recognition contract with City of Las Vegas

Smart cities solutions provider SenSen Networks (ASX: SNS) has won a $2.5 million contract with the City of Las Vegas for the installation of a licence plate recognition system throughout its jurisdic...
SenSen ATT Systems Group Singapore ASX SNS illegal parking traffic CCTV

SenSen Networks wins $1.24m traffic management contract with Singapore government

Smart cities solutions provider SenSen Networks (ASX: SNS) has been awarded a $1.24 million Software as a Service (SaaS) contract with the Singapore government to deter illegal parking and prevent tra...
SenSen Networks ASX SNS Angel Playing Cards Japan

SenSen Networks signs SenGame 3.0 distribution deal with Japanese casino supplier

Smart cities solution provider SenSen Networks (ASX: SNS) has executed a five-year exclusive distribution agreement with Angel Japan Co Ltd for rights to its SenGAME 3.0 casino gaming software. Ope...
SenSen Networks ASX SNS revenue FY 2018

SenSen Networks reports record sales revenue for financial year 2018

Artificial intelligence solutions provider SenSen Networks (ASX: SNS) has announced a record unaudited sales revenue for financial year 2018 of at least A$4.04 million. Revenue for the second half ...
SenSen Networks ASX SNS smart city Calgary

SenSen expands smart city commercial results in Calgary

Smart city enabler SenSen Networks (ASX: SNS) has expanded its existing contract with the City of Calgary and has significantly improved its commercial terms in the process. This expansion follows ...