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Telstra Digicel TLS Rio Tinto labour shortages South32 S32 base metal royalties Anglo Pacific ANZ Worley WOR ASX

Telstra acquires Digicel, Rio Tinto faces labour shortages and South32 sells base metal royalties to Anglo Pacific

Telstra (ASX: TLS) has announced it has completed a multibillion-dollar purchase of Digicel Pacific, a Pacific Islands telecommunications company. The reliable industry leader has been backed with ...
Zinc metal 2022 supply chain green metal

Zinc begins to shine again after a decade in the doghouse

Every dog has its day, even in the metals world where zinc has emerged from a decade in the doghouse to become the focus of a series of corporate deals followed by an all-time price high of US$4,507 a...
Manganese battery metal ASX

Manganese: the next hot battery metal

Move over lithium, graphite, cobalt and copper: manganese is fast emerging as the next battery metal story to titillate investors. The back story is similar: with manganese usage dominated by China...
Silver squeeze stocks short Reddit supply WallStreetBets physical

Australian silver stocks soar after Reddit crowd turns attention to squeezing metal supply

It turns out that surges in silver stock prices and volumes on Friday at the ASX was just a curtain-raiser for Monday’s action. After a weekend of a news flood that the Reddit crowd — who haven’t y...
Deterra Royalties ASX DRR mining royalty Iluka Resources

ASX investors can now enjoy mining’s royal(ty) treatment

There’s a ‘something for nothing’ element with mining royalties: the holder takes none or little of the risk in extracting the commodity while enjoying a virtually assured income stream. Investors ...
South32 S32 Superior Resources ASX SPQ joint venture Nicholson project

Superior Resources enters exploration joint venture with South32 over Nicholson lead-zinc project

Brisbane-based junior Superior Resources (ASX:SPQ) has signed an earn-in and joint venture agreement with global miner South32 (ASX: S32) to advance the exploration of its wholly-owned Nicholson lead-...
Inca Minerals South32 ASX ICG S32 Riqueza zinc lead silver project

Inca Minerals and BHP spin-off South32 finalise Riqueza earn-in agreement

Twelve months after the initial agreement, Inca Minerals (ASX: ICG) and BHP (ASX:BHP) spin-off South32 (ASX: S32) have finalised the terms and legalities of an earn-in agreement that opens the door fo...