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Rhinomed nasal swab ASX RNO influenza coronavirus

Rhinomed develops new-generation nasal swab test for flu and coronavirus

Australian nasal airway and respiratory technology specialist Rhinomed (ASX: RNO) has announced it is developing a new-generation nasal swab capable of collecting samples to test for the presence of u...
Rhinomed ASX RNO FDA TGA Pronto rechargeable vapour Mute

Rhinomed secures FDA and TGA registration for Pronto vapour release product

Airway technology product developer Rhinomed (ASX: RNO) has secured US Food and Drug Administration and Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration registration for its Pronto vapour release technolog...
Rhinomed ASX RNO exclusive licensing deal Columbia Care cannabinoid delivery

Rhinomed signs exclusive licensing deal with Columbia Care to advance cannabinoid delivery

Technology company Rhinomed (ASX: RNO) has made an assertive move into the drug delivery market by signing a long-term licensing agreement with the largest provider of cannabis-based products in the U...
Rhinomed ASX RNO nasal cannabis global distribution network

Rhinomed finalising nasal cannabis deal with US developer; expands global distribution network

Australian medical technology company Rhinomed (ASX: RNO) is scheduled to finalise a licensing deal this month with United States-based Columbia Care to develop commercial solutions for nasally-delive...
Rhinomed ASX RNO medical cannabis marijuana Columbia Care

Rhinomed partners with largest medical cannabis operator in the US

Australian medical technology company Rhinomed (ASX: RNO) has signed a deal that could see its nasal technology receive accelerated multilateral development and greater adoption in key markets around ...
Rhinomed ASX RNO mute United States pharmacies

Rhinomed accesses 3,000 pharmacies via new US distribution network deal for novel Mute product

Australian medical technology company Rhinomed (ASX: RNO) will soon be expanding distribution of its proprietary nasal and respiratory solution, Mute, in the United States. The US is currently the ...
Rhinomed ASX RNO Walgreens pharmacy stores

Rhinomed expands footprint in US through 4,300 Walgreens stores

Respiratory technology company Rhinomed Limited (ASX: RNO) has received purchase orders confirming U.S. pharmacy giant Walgreens has core ranged all 4 SKU’s (Trial pack, Small, Medium and Large) of th...