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Race Oncology ASX RAC superior efficacy Zantrene study combined cancer drugs

Published study highlights ‘superior efficacy’ of Race Oncology’s Zantrene combined with other cancer drugs

Race Oncology (ASX: RAC) has announced the publication of a peer-reviewed pre-clinical study that has identified additional drug combinations showing synergy with its cancer-fighting drug Zantrene whe...
Race Oncology ASX RAC lead drug Zantrene share purchase plan 2021 2022

Race Oncology heads into 2022 with extra $29.7m in bank to advance lead drug Zantrene

Race Oncology (ASX: RAC) is closing out 2021 with an extra $29.7 million in the bank after completing a heavily oversubscribed share purchase plan that saw almost $44 million in applications. Under...
Race Oncology ASX RAC Zantrene heart protective research University of Newcastle

Race Oncology expands Zantrene heart-protective research with University of Newcastle

After identifying its heart protective effects, Race Oncology (ASX: RAC) has extended the collaboration with the University of Newcastle for its Zantrene (bisantrene dihydrochloride) anti-cancer drug....
Race Oncology ASX RAC drug Zantrene cardio-protective properties cancer treatment heart

Race Oncology confirms lead drug Zantrene has cardio-protective properties during cancer treatment

Specialty pharmaceutical company Race Oncology (ASX: RAC) has found its lead candidate Zantrene (bisantrene dihydrochloride) is able to protect heart muscles from cell death caused by chemotherapy dru...
Race Oncology ASX RAC anti-cancer heart protection drug Zantrene

Race Oncology seeks cash to advance anti-cancer and heart protection drug

Precision oncology company Race Oncology (ASX: RAC) is looking to raise capital to enable the execution of its expanded business strategy and to progress the clinical program of its anti-cancer drug Z...
Race Oncology ASX RAC preclinical Bisantrene breast cancer results

Race Oncology begins preparing for clinical breast cancer trials using bisantrene

Race Oncology (ASX: RAC) has unveiled what it describes as “impressive” results in preclinical breast cancer research using its bisantrene drug. The company undertook a collaborative preclinical re...
Race Oncology ASX RAC Acute Myeloid Leukaemia bisantrene Phase 2 clinical trial

Race Oncology confirms positive results from Bisantrene drug trial on patients with advanced acute myeloid leukaemia

Specialty pharmaceutical company Race Oncology (ASX: RAC) has reported positive data from an investigator-initiated Phase II clinical trial of historical cancer drug Bisantrene on patients with relaps...
Race Oncology ASX RAC acute myeloid leukemia Bisantrene

Race Oncology raises $1.8m to advance ‘five-path’ strategy for cancer drug Bisantrene

Pharmaceutical company Race Oncology (ASX: RAC) has come out of a trading halt this morning to announce $1.8 million new equity funding via a strategic placement of 6 million shares. The $0.30 per ...
Race Oncology ASX RAC Dr Daniel Tillett Chief Scientific Officer

Race Oncology appoints biotech entrepreneur Dr Daniel Tillett as CSO

Race Oncology (ASX: RAC) has appointed Nucleics founder Dr Daniel Tillett to its board as chief scientific officer. Dr Tillett is the founder and chief executive officer of Australian biotechnology...
Race Oncology ASX RAC Bisantrene cancer drug trial Israel

Race Oncology tees up Bisantrene cancer drug trial in Israel

Pharmaceutical company Race Oncology (ASX: RAC) has made incremental progress on its path towards commercialising its first asset Bisantrene, a chemotherapy drug that treats acute myeloid leukaemia (A...
Race Oncology ASX RAC Bisantrene cancer drug patients Israel

Race Oncology reaches agreement to make Bisantrene cancer drug available to patients in Israel

Race Oncology (ASX: RAC) will launch its Bisantrene chemotherapy drug in the Middle East after signing an initial three-year distribution and sales agreement today with Israeli biopharmaceutical firm ...
Race Oncology ASX RAC services agreement Bisantrene cancer drug licensing Biosynergy

Race Oncology secures services agreement to pursue Bisantrene cancer drug licensing

Pharmaceutical company Race Oncology (ASX: RAC) has taken a formidable step towards commercialising its leading oncology drug candidate Bisantrene, used to treat acute myeloid leukaemia (AML), courtes...
Race Oncology ASX RAC FDA Bisantrene drug AML acute myeloid leukaemia

Race Oncology receives key FDA designation for its Bisantrene drug

Speciality pharmaceutical company Race Oncology (ASX: RAC) has received positive news regarding its flagship acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) drug, Bisantrene. The drug has been granted a rare paediat...
Race Oncology ASX RAC Bisantrene leukaemia drug

Race Oncology looks to rediscover effective leukaemia drug

A cancer drug that was largely forgotten about in the 1980’s is on its way back into development courtesy of Race Oncology (ASX: RAC). The pharmaceutical junior listed on the ASX in 2016 with the a...