Phylogica ASX PYC human cell penetrating peptide blinding eye disease

Phylogica’s cell peptide delivery platform achieves early success in human cell studies for blinding...

Perth-based biotech company Phylogica (ASX: PYC) has reported positive early stage results from a pilot study of human cells using its proprietary drug delivery...
Phylogica ASX PYC study results Cell Penetrating Peptide CPP platform

Phylogica obtains successful time-course study results for flagship CPP platform

Biotechnology company Phylogica (ASX: PYC) has unveiled favourable lab results in relation to its time-course studies in animals, with superior performance to current benchmarks officially...
Phylogica ASX PYC peptide vaccine T-Cell expansion results in vivo

Phylogica reports positive peptide vaccine T-Cell expansion results in vivo

Perth-based biotechnology company Phylogica (ASX: PYC) has announced a successful round of in vivo results in the evaluation of its cell-penetrating peptide (CPP) vaccine...
Phylogica ASX PYC Cre deliver drugs cells biotech biology

Purposeful cell targeting delivers commercial spoils for Phylogica

Biotech company Phylogica (ASX: PYC) has announced it has developed a new recombination enzyme, Cre, thereby supplementing its ongoing research into a proprietary in...
Phylogica ASX PYC peptide technology cancer vaccine

Phylogica’s peptide technology effective in development of cancer vaccine

Phylogica (ASX: PYC) has praised the effectiveness of its Functional Penetrating Peptide (FPP) technology to stimulate an immune response and extend cancer survival rates...