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Uranium stocks rally nations emissions targets CO2 carbon baseload

Uranium stocks rally as nations tighten emissions targets

The uranium industry is setting up for an accelerated rise in prices with a supply deficit looming and demand growing as governments target ‘cleaner and greener’ energy sources – a sector in which nuc...
Uranium supply shortage yellowcake share prices 2021 Bank of America BofA

First silver, now uranium — fears of supply shortages drive up yellowcake share prices

While silver stocks on the ASX retreated after their exuberant buying spree on Monday, Tuesday was a day in the sun for their uranium counterparts. The trigger for the yellowcake stocks was, unlike...
Uranium US senate Trump strategic reserve stocks

Uranium stocks take off as US Senate committee clears Trump plan for strategic reserve

The US Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works has passed a bill that approves the establishment of a national uranium strategic reserve. The new bill, which will almost certainly pass the...
US uranium Australian juniors United States

Australian juniors jump aboard the US uranium revival train

Uranium USA seems to be new destination for Australian juniors. The move comes as US President Donald Trump’s administration in Washington is pushing to expand uranium production domestically in or...
Peninsula Energy ASX PEN Lance Projects Wyoming low pH uranium permit mine

Peninsula Energy receives tick of approval for transition to low pH recovery at Lance Projects uranium mine

Australian-based uranium developer Peninsula Energy (ASX: PEN) has achieved a major milestone in the regulatory approval process for the use of low pH solutions at its Lance Projects uranium operation...