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Patrys ASX PAB Australian patent Deoxymab platform nanoparticles deliver anti cancer drugs

Patrys granted Australian patent for Deoxymab platform with nanoparticles to deliver anti-cancer drugs

Therapeutic antibody development company Patrys (ASX: PAB) has been granted an Australian patent covering the use of its novel Deoxymab platform conjugated to nanoparticles (NP) for the targeted deliv...
Patrys PAT-DX1-NP pre-clinical study positive data ASX PAB

Patrys’ lead drug candidate can cross blood brain barrier to target triple-negative breast cancers

A pre-clinical animal study by Australian therapeutic antibody company Patrys (ASX: PAB) has shown the development drug PAT-DX1-NP is able to cross the blood brain barrier and successfully target trip...
Patrys ASX PAB glioblastoma brain tumour cancer animal model PAT-DX1

Animal data shows potential for Patrys’ PAT-DX1 drug to help radiation fight aggressive brain tumours

Therapeutic antibody developer Patrys (ASX: PAB) has revealed new pre-clinical animal data that points to the potential for its lead candidate drug PAT-DX1 to improve survival rates for patients with ...
Patrys ASX PAB breast cancer brain metastases low dose radiation therapy

Animal study shows Patrys’ breast cancer drug can suppress secondary tumours and complement radiation

A pre-clinical animal study using Patrys Limited’s (ASX: PAB) lead candidate drug PAT-DX1 has shown the drug can significantly suppress the growth of secondary brain tumours in patients with triple ne...
Patrys ASX PAB pat-dx1 drug enhance survival rates triple negative breast cancer patients

New results show Patrys’ PAT-DX1 drug could enhance survival rates in triple negative breast cancer patients

New pre-clinical data results released by therapeutic antibody developer Patrys Limited (ASX: PAB) have shown its new drug candidate PAT-DX1 has potential to increase survival rates in metastatic trip...
Patrys ASX PAB study Yale brain cancer stem cells

Pre-clinical data from Patrys’ study with Yale confirms PAT-DX1 targets and kills brain cancer stem cells

Therapeutic antibody developer Patrys (ASX: PAB) has published a further round of pre‐clinical data for its drug candidates PAT-DX1 and PAT‐DX1‐NP – a humanized version of the 3E10 anti‐DNA antibody t...
Patrys ASX PAB pilot study collaboration Yale University Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Patrys winning greater recognition as pilot study leads to collaboration with Yale University

Therapeutic antibody developer Patrys (ASX: PAB) has said it has completed its pilot study into its drug candidate PAT-DX1, one of six different assets it has in development and currently at the pre-c...
Patrys ASX PAB brain cancer survival rates pre-clinical trials

Enhanced brain cancer survival rates shown in Patrys’ pre-clinical trials

Pre-clinical trials using Patrys’ (ASX: PAB) proprietary PAT-DX1 drug have revealed enhanced survival rates for animals suffering from ab aggressive form of brain cancer known as glioblastoma. Tiss...
Patrys ASX PAB pre-clinical data brain cancer

Patrys publishes upbeat pre-clinical data in the fight against brain cancer

Therapeutic antibody developer Patrys (ASX: PAB) has published additional pre‐clinical data for its drug candidate PATDX1, a humanized version of the 3E10 anti‐DNA antibody that aims to reduce cancero...
Patrys ASX PAB cancer drug tumour preclinical studies

Patrys cancer drug targets primary and distant tumours in preclinical studies

Pre-clinical testing of Patrys (ASX: PAB) anti-cancer agent PAT-DX1, which has been bonded to nanoparticles, has been successful in targeting breast cancer tumours and its lymph node metastases. PA...
Patrys ASX PAB cancer cells FDA approved olaparib

Patrys’ anti-cancer agent kills more cancer cells when combined with FDA approved olaparid

Therapeutic drug company Patrys (ASX: PAB) has reported its PAT-DX1 cancer agent acts “synergistically” with olaparib to kill more cancer cells than single doses of each drug, alone. The Yale Unive...
Patrys oncology cancer cell death PAT-DX1 PAB lab tests

Patrys lead oncology drug kills cancer cells in lab tests

Therapeutic antibody development company Patrys Limited (ASX: PAB) has released positive pre-clinical data for its lead drug candidate PAT-DX1, a novel first-in-class drug candidate being developed to...